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School Supplies: Stock up now!

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It’s getting to be “back to school” time and there are some great deals out there on arts and crafts supplies! Now is the time to stock up on all of it for personal use and for donations too!

Preschoolers love to be creative! Think about how you feel after you complete a project… accomplished and proud! That’s how children feel when they get the chance to color or paint or cut. It’s all new and exciting to them.

It’s both new to them… and beneficial. Some of the best arts and crafts supplies to buy for preschoolers include:

  • crayons
  • paper
  • paint
  • paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • rulers
  • markers
  • paint daubers
  • stickers

It’s all such great practice for fine motor (building those hand and finger muscles) too.  Many don’t think to buy scissors for their little ones.  But, there are scissors that have blunt ends and (as long as you’re close by), it’s such great practice for them to learn to manipulate and use!  And, preschoolers love to cut things like play dough, pasta, and paper.

We also have a list of supplies that we suggest for use at the preschool:

Click to access 2014-2015%20School%20supplies.pdf

We use these supplies all year long and ones that may be left over, we donate to schools in need.

Speaking of donating, have you ever heard of Shoeboxes for Children?  It’s an amazing project put together for children across the world  They are filled with craft supplies and small toys that people put together and send off to children who, otherwise, would not have a Christmas.

So many ideas and reasons to take advantage of the low priced school supplies!



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