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Good News, Christ is Born for you!

We had a full crowd for both of our Christmas worships this past Saturday.  Luckily the snowy weather waited so we could fit this in!  This is truly one of my favorite things (and one of the things I will most miss once I retire.)  The sound of children singing songs that tell the story of Jesus’ birth is precious to me and to all the teachers.  I hope this short, child-centered worship touched your hearts as well.

This year the message and the children’s story focused on the animals,  During the message the animals each brought something for baby Jesus.  The donkey carried them to Bethlehem.  The cow shared her manger and the hay to make a soft bed.   The sheep shared a blanket made from her wool.  And the dove shared her sweet song to sooth Jesus to sleep.

With snow on the ground this week we continue to have our morning music time (I get to kind-of be the indoor recess option.)  I love that children continue to ask for songs from our Wriggly Nativity story.  This story has definitely made a mark on their hearts as well.  If you were unable to attend, or you want to have your children share the songs with your extended family, you can find the song recordings on our website WHAT’S HAPPENING page.  Just simply click on those words and the link will take you there.

We are all so grateful for your generous donations to our mission; Mission Southside’s BackSnack program.  I know your kindness will be felt far into the new year!

We captured a little of the morning in pictures.


Good news, Christ is born for you!

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Fall Festival 2019

The weather decided to usher in fall just in time for this year’s festival.  I personally enjoyed that.  I also loved that it didn’t rain.  It is so much more fun when we can be outside for games and play instead of in the basement.  And we had a LOT of fun!  Here is the evening captured in photos.



I love it that our staff have fun while working!  I sure hope our families and kids had just as much fun as we did!



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Ice Cream Social Fun! 2019

We had a great afternoon!!

Our entertainment this year was Scott Henderson.  He performed some fun magic!  Children were laughing and families were awed.  You can find out more about his performances HERE.










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Christmas Worship – There was no room at the Inn

We had a wonderful time celebrating Jesus’ birth at our two Christmas worship services this past Saturday.  Wow, we had large crowds.  I think we had the most people we’ve ever had before.  I’m so glad our families were able to join us!

It is wonderful to take a short time to focus on Jesus!  I love singing with the kids each day as we prepare to share the story through word and song.  I hope they sang out loud enough for you to hear their sweet voices.

We have the songs on our website but I thought we would add them here too so you can always have access to them.  I’m glad to know that the kids want to continue singing them well past the Christmas holiday.

Our Songs: 

Born in a Stable

Hush There’s a Baby

On the Day that Jesus was Born

Somethings Going to Happen in the Stable

We’ve got No Room

Here are some photos we took of the wonderful morning.

I thank all the staff and families that helped us share the message.  It is my hope to share a message that is meaningful for both the kids and the adults.  We hope everyone makes Christmas preparations and celebrations for focusing on Jesus – the true reason for Christmas!

We love the large crowds – and hope you were able to find a good spot to see your child.  I laughed when I saw this photo of a mom capturing the moment on her phone.  I hope you all appreciate how easy it is to get these moments with your kids.  Back in our day we had to lug in a large DSL camera if we wanted to have any quality pictures.  Just saying.  🙂


And, of course, we especially love the sound of those sweet voices.  Thank you for sharing your children with us.  Hearing them sing is truly a Christmas gift we enjoy each year!


Our Collection:

We are so thankful for you – our generous families.  Mission Southside is such an awesome ministry that serves youth right here in our area.  We are very glad to be able to share such a wealth of items to stock their BackSnack program.  THANK YOU




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Fall Festival Fun!

We had another great Fall Festival last night! 

It was fun to see everyone playing, eating, singing and pumpkin shopping together.  I appreciate all of our teachers, office staff and board members for their help making the night run smoothly – with the exception of not enough seating for dinner.  For those of you that couldn’t find a place to sit to eat I am making a note to set up more tables next year.  We appreciate  your patience.

Let’s focus on the successes though.  Here are some pictures that capture just a little of the fun!


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A great day for a great Ice Cream Social!

“Wow!”  “I’m having so much fun!”  “Ahhhh”  “Ms. Cyndi, look at me!”

These are just a few things I heard children exclaim as they played, ate, danced and then played some more.  It was a great day!




We send a HUGE thank-you to all of the people and businesses that contributed to our event!

9 Round Fitness
Abundant Blessings
Backyard Specialists
Beauty Brands
Blackbob Pet Hospital
Bock’s Steam Cleaning
Brentano & Williams Team – Keller Williams
Bret’s Autoworks
Carol Wei
Cheryl Pierson
City Museum
Coco Bolos
Coco Key Water Resort
Conover Family
Cote Family
Crown Center
Curry Family
Denise’s Dance
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Dino O’Dell
Drury Inn
Epic Landscape
Excel Wellness Studio
Family Eye Care
Feeney’s Hallmark
Frank & Jules
Happy Food
Hen House
His & Her Fitness
Huston Farms
I9 Sports
Jill Kessler (La Vita Salon Suites)
Kansas City Royals
Kansas City Zoo
Kristy Smith
Lakeshore Learning
Learning Tree
Leawood Family Dental, LLC
LuLaRoe -Gwen Luzader
Magic House
Midwest Aquatics
Mission Bowl
Mommy Shop
Monat – JulieCain
Norwex – Mindy Brenner
Museum at Prairie Fire
Omaha Zoo
Paint, Glaze & Fire
Paradise Park
Red Door
Rock n’ Brews
Salty Iguana
Science City
Sheraton Hotel
Silver Dollar City
Specialists in Pediatric Dentistry
Stella & Dot – Mallory Pearson
Ted’s Café
Texas Roadhouse
The Red Door
Three Women & an Oven
Urban Air
Witham Family
Wonderscope Children’s Museum



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Our Halloween fun – What? No Parties?

My husband actually said to me, “Oh, that’s right, you bah humbug Halloween.”  He was referring to our lack of costumes and parties in our preschool classes.  Don’t worry, I quickly set him straight.  🙂

At Aldersgate Preschool we elect to keep our kids’ holidays pretty low-key.  I know you can relate to the hype and “energy” surrounding holidays in our society.  That’s part of our thinking.  Here are a few of our thoughts driving our decision about holidays.  (Hang in there with me through this part – there are photos at the end.)


We work hard to provide routines for the children while they are in class. says this,

” One of the most important things that you can do to make your young child feel safe is to establish as much routine in his life as possible. Children (and adults) feel the most secure when their lives are predictable. When adults provide environments that feel safe, children learn that they can trust others to take care of them and meet their needs, so they become free to relax and explore their world. “

Confusion and missing items

I directed a preschool that did have parties and a parade.  Oh, the tales I could tell about the missing pieces of costumes, the mix-ups about who are doing crafts, the crafts that were not age appropriate, the children upset or crying . . .   Sorry if I sound cynical but with preschool and younger children these are a few of the realities.

Family time becomes even more special

Think about how special Trick-or-Treating becomes when it is the real highlight for your child.    I know some children are also exhausted after parties and the change of routines.  Hopefully our low-key day allows children to have a “less melt down” experience while they trick-or-treat.

Young children can be scared of the unusual

I saw a perfect example of this in our three year old class.  Ms. Susan showed the children an electric jack-o-lantern.  Most of the children enjoyed the glow and the novelty as they talked about the shapes used in the face, etc.  However, even with this friendly faced item, one boy said, “Oh, that’s a scary face.”  He looked concerned until he was comforted by another teacher.  When the festivities are at home with parents, those fears are lessened and there is more more flexibility in how the activity must proceed to accommodate each child’s level of fear or excitement.

The holiday can generate interest in new learning 

As you will see below, we do talk about Halloween and the other holidays.  We use the children’s base of knowledge to encourage interest in different kinds of activities that build skills; social, cognitive, language, fine motor and many more.  (Okay, here are those pictures I promised.  Look for all the different kinds of opportunities the children enjoyed yesterday – on Halloween.)

Developmental opportunities:  Science, language, sensory, cooperation

Developmental opportunities: group dynamics, language (in the photo on the left each child got to talk to their class “puppet” and say what he or she will be for Halloween), self control, cognitive areas


Developmental opportunities:  dramatization & language (this two year old class had the children practice knocking on the door in the box and saying “Trick-or-treat!” and then “Thank You.” Of course there was a little playing of Peek-a-boo too.)

Developmental opportunities: group dynamics, cooperation, self control (it’s hard to WAIT!), physics, cognitive, language, large motor


Developmental opportunities:  cognitive skills, listening skills, fine motor control

Developmental opportunities:  Fine motor, project planning, persistence, creative exploration (the first picture is a creation of two monsters), language (there was a lot of talking between the artists)


Of course all the staff talked with the kids about their plans for Halloween and what costume they will wear.  Then, today we visited about their actual Halloween experience.  Today I heard lots of stories about trick-or-treating and of course LOTS of candy.

We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Halloween!

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Ice Cream, Music, Auction, Bubbles, Wind Tunnel and so much more!

Saturday afternoon we had another wonderful Ice Cream Social.  While this is our biggest fundraiser for the year, I call it a success even before we know any numbers!

Children played.  Families mingled.  People connected.

We saw smiles and wonder.  We ate ice cream and baked goodies.  We sang with Dino O’Dell.  We bid on auction items.  We won raffle items (well a few of us did ;o)  We played on the playground.  We navigated an obstacle course.  We braved a box maze.  I could go on and on and on!  It was a good afternoon!





I forgot to make a sign listing the two donors that sponsored the ice cream, toppings and supplies.  So, today I send a huge Thank You to HyVee for the ice cream and to the Bradley family for a donation to cover the toppings and all the paper goods!

Erin Thull organized an Usborne book sale.  I hope everyone had a chance to stop by and pick out one of their neat books.  She is holding the sale open through the week.  You can still order here.

We couldn’t do any of it without ALL of our wonderful donors!  We appreciate your support more than we can say!!

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Ice Cream Social is a great success

Again this year we had a wonderful time together at our Ice Cream Social.  We we enjoyed yummy ice cream and treats (thanks families and church members for donating these), played games, had faces painted, watched a puppet show, bid on great auction baskets and overall – had fun!

The money raised will go toward extras and upgrades for the preschool.  This year some of the funds will help purchase our door security system that is planned for installation over spring break.  What a blessing these fund raisers are as we continue to maintain and upgrade our ministry.

Here is a glimpse at some of the fun.

IMG_4916 IMG_4913 IMG_4911 IMG_4910 IMG_4908 IMG_4901 IMG_4898 IMG_4895 IMG_4860 IMG_4883 IMG_4881 IMG_4879 IMG_4889IMG_4874  IMG_4863 IMG_4850 IMG_4847 IMG_4843 IMG_4836 IMG_4829 IMG_4828 IMG_4825IMG_4827

Thank You, again this year, to Boy Scout Troop 315 for creating our neat box tunnel (including a Teepee area this year), helping with supervising games and activities, serving ice cream and helping with clean-up at the end of the event!  Way to go boys!

We are grateful beyond measure to all of the businesses and individuals that sponsored items or donated for our Silent Auction:

Aldersgate United Methodist church

Amber Lutz, Mary Kay

AMF Bowling Co.

Beauty Brands

Bella Nails

Blackbob Pet Hospital

Bock’s Steam Star

Brentano & Williams Team – Keller Williams Realty Partners, Inc.

Bret’s Autoworks

The Curry Family – KC Pastry Co

The Chaulk Family


Crown Center

Culver’s Olathe

Dave and Kim Cook, Love to Travel

DeAnne Arnold

Denise’s Dance Academy

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dr. Cobb and Dr. Parrish

Drury Inn Hotel

Enterprise Bank

Erin Thull, Usborne Books

Excel Wellness Studio

Family Eye Care

First Command Financial Services, Inc.

First Watch

Frankie and Jules

Fritz Railroad Restaurant

Go Chicken Go

Groundhouse Coffee

Hand Tooled Wood


I9 Sports

Jason’s Deli


Jimmy March, One Person Act

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Royals

Kansas City Zoo

KC Hopps

Laura Lauridsen

Learning Tree

Leawood Family Dental, LLC

Leigh’s School of Dance

Li’ Kickers

Lutz Plumbing


The McDowell family

Michelle Loe

Midwest Aquatics

Mission Bowl ‘n Olathe

Mommy Shop

Monica Milligan McIlvaine

Nate and Christy Aiken

Olathe Family YMCA

Omaha Zoo

Paint, Glaze and Fire

Papa Murphy’s

Patricia Dresbach, 31

Prairie Fire

Raytown Parks and Recreation

Ruth Ann Lewis, Norwex Consultant

Sara Willis

Sheraton Hotel Overland Park

Silver Dollar City

Sky Zone

Smiley’s Golf

St. Louis City Museum

St. Louis Magic House


Texas Roadhouse

The Bristol

Three Women and an Oven

Turquoise Blue – Cyndi Mawhiney

Union Station

Walt Disney World

Wonderscope Children’s Museum

Yoga Gallery

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The Fruit of the Spirit’s not a Banana

be kind label for A7016

The Bible tells us “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”  Not a banana?


Ask your children about the silly song we sang (and acted out) about how you can’t be a banana and be a fruit of the Spirit.  Don’t worry, we also took time to notice all the wonderful things we can become if we take what God and Jesus tell us into our hearts.  As you can imagine we focused on kindness.



IMG_4495 IMG_4500

The children were right when I asked what they thought about Jesus.  Yes, he was kind.  One of the reasons God sent Jesus to earth was to give us an example of how to live a Godly life.  Jesus showed us how to be kind.  He even healed a lame man by the pool of Bethesda.  The man had no way to get into the pool.  He told Jesus, “While I am trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of me.”  Jesus told him to “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.”  He healed him.  Jesus was kind.

I’m so glad to know our kids are taking this idea of kindness into their hearts.  We have a LONG chain of kindness to show it.  We stretched out the chain.  It took many helping hands to hold it.  It almost stretched all the way across the Sanctuary.  I wondered if there were about 20 chains links.  Our older kids were sure there were more, “Maybe 100!”  We counted out the twenty links.  That didn’t cover much of the length.  My estimate is there are about 300 link!  When it hangs in our office it now almost wraps all the way around!

IMG_4452 IMG_4484

We finished by singing our song about being kind. (Tune: I had a little turtle, his name was Tiny Tim)

K-I-N-D kind, I can be so kind.

K-I-N-D kind, I’ll be kind today.

K-I-N-D kind, I can be so kind.

I can be kind and helpful everyday.  Hey!