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Happy Halloween – let your light shine

This week we had a devotion worship.  This is a short worship experience that includes songs, prayer, scripture and a short message.  This week we focused on shining the light of God’s love.

We began by singing the song

A Pumpkin Orange and Round

tune: Farmer in the dell

A pumpkin orange and round, a pumpkin orange and round,

Happy, Happy Halloween, A pumpkin orange and round.

Two circle eyes . . .

One triangle nose . . .

One happy mouth . . .

Now he’s a jack-o-lantern . . .

And we sand “If You’re Happy Cause God Loves You”

Recently we have add the verse “If you’re happy cause God loves you, wave to a friend.”  I always mention that God wants us to share the love he gives us.


When the children arrived they saw a pumpkin sitting at the front of the worship center.  This represented our hearts before we know God.  Our hearts are good and we feel love even before we know God.

But then the pumpkin changed just like our hearts change once we know God.  Our hearts are extra happy!  Just like the face on this jack-o-lantern

In fact our hearts shine the light of love that God gives us.  Just like this flashlight shines love into my heart and it reflects to everyone around me.  We shine the light of love when we are kind to others, when we are helpful, when we care about others.

We read about this in the Bible in 2 Corinthians 4:6 (paraphrased)

“It started when God said, ‘Light up the darkness!  and our lives filled up with the light of knowing God did.”

Just like a jack-o-lantern.  So as children see those on Halloween perhaps they will remember the light is like God’s light of love shining to the world.

We ended with a prayer.

“God, we love you.   We are so happy that you love us.  Help us to always share your love so people see me light a shining light.”

Happy Halloween everyone! 

Have fun and be safe!


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Fall Festival 2019

The weather decided to usher in fall just in time for this year’s festival.  I personally enjoyed that.  I also loved that it didn’t rain.  It is so much more fun when we can be outside for games and play instead of in the basement.  And we had a LOT of fun!  Here is the evening captured in photos.



I love it that our staff have fun while working!  I sure hope our families and kids had just as much fun as we did!