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Before Summer ends…

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August begins this week and the preschool is beginning to get in gear for a brand new year.  Though it’s still a month away, it takes a lot of prep to get ready for our preschoolers!  Until then, savor your time with your kids and try out some of these fun activities!

1. Shaving cream fun.


Visit the Dollar Tree for $1 cans of shaving cream and let the kids get creative.  Mine love covering themselves in it… head to toe.  It’s one of their favorite things to do.  And, it’s a quick clean up with water! So fun and smells good too.

2. Try some science.


Here are a couple favorites:

Or, try microwaving Ivory soap!  It’s so fun to see what happens!  Pinterest is full of great science ideas for preschoolers too!

3. Did you know that the Johnson County Fair is this week?  It’s just down the road in Gardner, Kansas and kids love to walk around and see the animals!

Plus, there’s a carnival every evening and a parade on Saturday. 

4. Try out a new park.


A couple weeks ago, my children and I enjoyed a quick jaunt to Shawnee Mission Park where we went on a quick hike through the woods and then picnicked by the lake.  I couldn’t believe we had never done that before!  There are tons of great parks in the Kansas City area!

5. Choose one of these fun activities to check out:

There’s so much going on in and around the Kansas City area!  

Have a wonderful time with your children and remember that quite often, it’s the simpler activities like the park or science at home that are their favorite memories! 


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