Aldersgate Preschool

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Fall Festival 2017

This year’s fall festival was filled with laughter, busy children, singing, game playing and most of all connection between families and kids.  These are the nights I love to stand back and just watch.  Watch a child leap with joy when one of his “buds” is spotted.  Watch an older sibling Aldersgate alumni receiving lots of hugs and conversation with teachers.  Watch families eating together and building stronger bonds.  Watch our staff enjoying all the kids and their families.  It’s a good thing (even when we have to move it inside.)

We feel the change from the Worship to begin our fall festival to various scheduled campfire sing-a-longs was a good one.  Sometimes necessity (a lack of risers for the kids to sing) causes things to improve.  I hear there were not very long lines for food and activities (except maybe those games downstairs).  I’ll remember to spread those out to rooms more spread out if we are inside again.

Here are some photos of the fun we had.