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He is Risen, He is Not Here! Mark

We had a Devotion Worship this past Tuesday.  We talked about Easter!

(The children were very excited and new right away what holiday was coming up!)IMG_0001

We talked about Easter Eggs and what MIGHT be inside.

Of course candy was the popular response.

The children listened to some eggs as I shook them and tried to guess what was inside.


We found sweethearts, nerds and even some coins!


Eventually I shook one and it made noise but then . . . . . it was quiet!  No noise anymore!



We looked inside and we were surprised to find that it was empty!

This led to talk about how Jesus died on a cross and his body was laid in a tomb (like a cave.)

The women came to take care of him and found that it was EMPTY!

He is risen.  He is not here!

Jesus rose to live on earth and teach us about how we can live with God forever after we die.  

God loves us THAT MUCH!

We then sang about being so Happy Cause God Loves Us – Hurray!IMG_9928 


We finished with a prayer thanking God for loving us so much.  We prayed that we might find an empty Easter Egg and it would remind us about the empty tomb.

On Easter we can remember Jesus and how he showed us God’s amazing love!


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I scream, You scream, We all ate Ice Cream!

The weather was beautiful!

The baked goods were yummy and plentiful.

The kids were playing and dancing.

The bids were raising.

The music was entertaining.

The families were socializing.

The ice cream was cold and sweet.

The social was perfect!

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a6 a22

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aa11 aa33   

aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa a2

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booth (2) booth (4)

booth (1)  booth (7) booth (5)

booth (6) booth (3)

We send a HUGE thank you to every person, family and business that donated toward this event.         We couldn’t do it without you!

Brentano & Williams Team Keller William Realtor Partners  *  Bret’s Autoworks  *  Chick-fil-a  *  Christine Chapman – jamberry  *  Crown Center  *  Culver’s of Olathe  *  C.M. of Turquoise Blue  *  Debbie Howard’s Gym  *  Denise’s Dance  *  Dino O’Dell  *  Dr. Cobb and Dr. Parrish  *  Drury Inn Hotel  *  Emily Peak – Jamberry  *  Enterprise Bank & Trust  *  Erin Thul  *  Family Eye Care  *  Feeney’s Hallmark  * First Command Financial Services  *  First Watch  * Frankie & Jules  *  Fritz Railroad Restaurant  *  Groundhouse Coffee  *  Harvest Moon Natural Foods  *  Houseworth family  *  Hy-Vee  *      I9 Sports  *  Interiors by Melody  *  Jennifer Johnson – Young Living Essential Oils  *  Jimmy March One Person Act  *  Justin & Kelly Miller  *  Kansas City Chiefs  *  Kansas City Royals  *  Kansas City Zoo  *  Kasey Zuniga – Thirty One  *  KC Hopps, LTD  *  Leawood Family Dental, LLC  *  Leigh’s School of Dance  *  Lil’ Kickers  *  Lutz Plumbing  *  Engles Family  *  Lyneda Rogers  *  Maloney Sports Bar  *  Marylou Schoep  *  McDowell family  *  Michelle Loe  *  Midwest Aquatics  *  Mindy Brenner – Norwex  *  Mission Bowl ‘n Olathe  *  Mommy Shop  *  Olathe Family YMCA  *  Olympic Car Wash  *  Paint, Glaze and Fire  *  Papa Murphy’s Pizza  *  Paradise Park  *  Patricia Dresbach – Thirty One  *  Prairie Fire  *  Raytown Parks and Recreation  *  Rusty’s Dandy Painting  *  Sheraton Hotel (Bruce Boehcher)  *  Silver Dollar City  *  Smiley’s Golf  *  SPIN Pizza  *  Staci Haarhuis – Young Living Essential Oils  *  Stephens family  *  Sweet! Baking & Candy Making Supply  *  Target  *  Texas Roadhouse  *  The Bristol  *  The Great Mall Cosmic Golf  *  Three Women & and Oven  *  Tiger Rock  *  Two Chic Blvd  *  Union Station  *  Uproot Market  *  Walt Disney World  *  Wonderscope Children’s Museum

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Love Letters – What I love

love letters

I hope you have enjoyed our focus on literacy throughout the month of February.  Tonight I am going to cheat a little and not actually hand write this – and I’m going to write one more Love Letters even though February is technically over.   As I have prepared our different “Love Letters” posts I have pondered how I might respond to the question “What do you love?”  Here’s just a sampling of my list:

I love

to hear children happily engaged in play

to watch a teacher bend low bringing two children together to talk about how they feel and how to share those emotions in a positive way

to taste our yummy snacks (please don’t tell Ms. Donna that I sneak one now and then)

to tell silly stories about things that happen at preschool like the little girl describing the block area this way, “Well, there’s 100 pounds of messy back there.”

I love

to reminisce about when my own children were preschool age (believe it or not these days will pass much quicker than you can imagine)

to delve into discussions with the staff about how or why we do things the way we do and possibly should we be thinking about a new idea someone read about

to be spontaneous and silly with the kids (amazingly they even think I am funny)

to watch a child work hard at a task – often with the tongue held just so

to tell a story with children that you know has 100% of the time captivated children in the past – stories like Pete the Cat -I love my White Shoes, Three Little Kittens, Caps for Sale, Wide Mouth Bullfrog . . .

I love

to hear from families about their children “playing” their guitars (or “bittars” as one little guy always called his) and singing at home

to watch 3, 4 or 5 year-old children wait for a friend at curbside arrival and then walk in together chatting just like they will when they are in high school

to hear the giggles

to listen to large motor in the hallway as the children say things like “Wow, he is a good lava walker.”

to take those much needed breaks – I hope everyone finds their own way to take a breather when you need one

to know after a conversation with a teacher that we truly are always looking out for what will best serve each child

I love

to talk to my grown children and know I took time to play and talk and listen and realize they know I now value their input and relationship

to know that our staff have things covered when I’m not quite up to par and need to come in to work a little late – and they cover my curbside duties whenever I ask

to laugh and play with my co-workers – I was so bummed to have to miss our staff “Christmas” party we just had in February – I know there were lots of laughs

to see a “lightbulb” moment when a child has a new understanding of an idea or concept

to connect with parents and families in a way that builds a loving, fun community and to watch families build lasting friendships

to have deep conversations about God and Jesus with an ever inquisitive young child, “Do you think God has eyeballs?”

I love

to listen, to  laugh and to sing

to play, to learn and to grow

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