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Summer is coming!

With summer quickly approaching many of us (grandparents included) are racking our brains for ideas of things to do.

Do you remember the simple things you did as a child?  I certainly do.  It was always great to have some easy go-to activities that didn’t require much set up.  Here is a list of some of those with a few more in-depth fun ideas as well.

  • Bug hunt – check under rocks and logs
  • Look for pictures in the clouds
  • Play with shaving cream
  • Play on the preschool playground
  • catapults-to-make-with-kids Make catapults
  • Make a wish on a dandelion
  • Necklace of clover  – just tie stem around the head of the next one and continue on until you have the length you want
  • Car trails and tracks in the dirt
  • Chalk on the sidewalk or on the wood fence
  • 0233153f46ad73ee4d1d9e17110af105 Make a bubble station
  • I spy
  • Follow the leader
  • Write letters in the dirt
  • Squirt guns
  • Blanket fort – inside or out
  • Watercolor painting outside
  • Collect rocks
  • rocket  Make paper and straw rockets
  • Animal hunt – hide plastic or stuffed animals around the yard
  • Sun bleach prints – lay objects on a colored paper and check it later to see if the sun has faded the parts not covered
  • Water play in tubs – paint brushes, dish soap bubbles in tubs, bike or trike wash, baby bath, wash plastic toys, plastic tarp and water for a slip and slide, turkey baster and other kitchen gadget play, wood or Styrofoam pieces for boats, lego boats, spray bottles and/or sponges (yes, this means the players will also most likely get wet), add some ice cubes (colored ones are even better)
  • Make sand or mud pies
  • a2e9c00e2fe7858ec38299624eaa2a15 Make wood roads and ramps
  • Make paper airplanes
  • Play hide and seek
  • Make up “knock knock” jokes
  • Sand tunnels for matchbox cars
  • Read books in the shade of a tree
  • Create an obstacle course
  • Water-Painting-Writing-Practice-for-Kids Chalk and water painting letters
  • Play tic tac toe with nature items
  • Catch fire flies
  • Sprinkler fun – try dancing through it, jumping, crawling under the spray . . .
  • Visit all the parks within 5 miles of your home
  • Paint rocks or sticks
  • Play in the rain – it’s a GREAT time to let the kids enjoy some puddle jumping!
  • Have some fun!!!!



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The world comes alive . . . Outside!

As I was going through the photos and watching our class DVDs I was so appreciative of all the fun outdoor play your children have experienced while here at Aldersgate.  Experience in nature and outdoor play are vitally important for young children.  Exercising our muscles and enjoying the sensory experiences of the outdoors promotes healthy growth in children.

Here is a video that reinforces this idea.


Enjoy a photo collage of some of our outdoor and nature play.

group playground (7)

Caterpillar (1)

Butterfly (1)





Reese and Riley and Finley looking for the rabbit

molly (6)Squirrel (1)

group playground (6)tate and henry (4)

Connor V (3)Valerie (4) Hudson & Connor C (3) Kenlee (11)Jordan (1)         group playground (6) group playground (23) miles (9)

group playground (8)

Be sure to take time to stop and smell the roses.

jill (6)