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Funny things they say

It’s very quiet here this week.  With summer camp over the rooms are strangely silent.

We use this time to plan, organize and re-organize things to prepare for the upcoming year.  As I was cleaning out a cabinet I stopped to read our “They said something funny” list.  It made me miss the children even more.  I thought I would share some with you:

While a child and a teacher were looking at a book in which a character ate too much food, “Well, that was a really bad decision.”

One child to another, “That picture is really handsome.”

Child describing sizes, “Small, meteor, large.”

During a devotion worship a child was moving his hands in front of him.  He said, “I’m using my imagination.  I’m feeling God.  You know he’s everywhere.”

“When the tornado comes you have to stop making the beer.”

“My dad says I can’t put my finger in strange holes.”

A child with two very loose teeth said with a worried look, “But I love my teeth.”

“When my dad grows up he wants to be a cowboy.”

“It’s hard to learn to share.”

When one child asked, “Who’s God?”  Another quickly replied, “Oh, he’s like a big Jesus!”

I can just imagine you smiling right now.  And, these were just a few of the funny sayings we have collected.  Through children’s innocence and inquiring minds we often enjoy some humor as well as some real truths.  (You can admit it, sharing is hard!)

I took a moment to enjoy these while missing your kids – I hope you enjoyed them as well.

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Park play…any old day!


I heard from someone today who looks forward to our posts on ideas for things to do with kids.  I appreciate hearing from you all!  It’s good to know there are people reading this… and that we may be helping you, in some ways, have a better summer!  Today, I thought I’d hit on something super easy (notice how much I love that word-easy) and something that you can do anytime… PARKS


I have a friend who, several years ago, began a weekly park play date over the summer.  Parks… all over the Johnson County area, once a week, with friends (aka: moms who know how long summer can become with the kids home from school).  I know what you’re wondering and the answer is, “yes,” my friend is sort of a genius.

Find out her park schedule here SUMMER PARK ADVENTURES for some ideas of some fun places to visit… or plan to join them!  Her children are a bit older now but she’d love to have you.  Tell her “Shelly” sent you!

Or check out this list of parks: Best Parks in Kansas City

And, while it seems like such a simple activity, there are a number of reasons why letting your children play at a park is important:

*studies show that children who spend time outside are less likely to have ADD or ADHD

*exercise is good for the soul and the body. Children who play outside are happier and healthier.

*learning to climb a rock, maneuver monkey bars, swing independently… all build self confidence and self esteem

*playing hard= better behaved kids later on.  Kids need to do “heavy work,” work their muscles, test themselves and once again, research tells us that afterwards, they are better able to focus, listen, and sit still.

*playing is how children learn.  When a child brings you a “nature” collection, they are learning about the world around them, discovering same/different, comparing items… all great math, science, and literacy skills.

*playing at parks usually involves other children.  Children need to learn about how to get along with others, how to advocate for themselves, taking turns, etc.

I could probably name several more but you get the idea, right?  I’d love to hear about your favorite parks!  Where are they?


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Scientific Art

Is summer getting long? Does the heat outside cause grouchiness? How about trying some magic inside? Earlier this year, I conducted a really cool science experiment with our Blue class. It’s super easy and super cool which are two really important factors in how I choose activities with my kids.
The things that you need are things that you probably already have around your house:
*2% or higher milk
*food coloring
*dish soap
Pour some milk into the bottom of plate until you have a nice, shallow puddle. Put a drop of each color of food coloring onto the milk. Then, place your Q-Tip into the dish soap and touch it into the milk. Sit back and watch the magic happen!

You can experiment with where you put the color drops: in the middle together or spread out in different corners. See how it affects the color. Give your child toothpicks and let them experiment with the food color before you add the dish soap.

Another activity that I did with my children every summer was crayon rocks. This is another super easy and super fun (notice a trend here?) activity.
All you need:
*nice, smooth river rocks (cleaned)
Gather your rocks onto a foil lined cookie sheet and heat in the oven until they are nice and warm. Pull your rocks out and, using your crayons, begin coloring. (The only hazard involved here is making sure that your child does not touch the hot rock and honestly, my children never did.) The crayons will melt as the children color and it’s a pretty cool thing to experiment with.

Melted Crayon Rocks

Click on the picture above for more pictures and  instructions.

Hope this helps you survive the soaring hot temps outside!