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And We’re Off!

The beginning of the school year is always filled with many emotions; anticipation, apprehension, joy, confusion, excitement and more.  We expect the children to have these feelings but let’s admit it, sometimes parents and teachers also run the full gamut  of emotions.

With our first few days “under our belt” it is reassuring to see children already so engaged, acclimated and learning!  Here is a sneak peek into some of our first days.  We are off to a great start!

IMG_0289 IMG_0411 IMG_0483 IMG_0504 IMG_0569 IMG_0606 IMG_8095 Addi (3)audrey (2) Ava D. (2)IMG_9872  IMG_9814  Parker (3)

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Helping your child get ready for Preschool

As with adults, children will approach the idea of going to preschool with a variety of emotions.  Those with adventurous spirits see it only as new lands to conquer full of excitement and fun.  The more cautious souls, while being intrigued with the idea, will experience unease, uncertainty and apprehension.

Following are some concrete ideas of things you can do to help your child be ready when that important first day arrives.

Backpacks are fun!  Every child loves a backpack.  Have fun picking one out.  (We suggest a full size backpack so it can hold a full set of extra clothes as well as large art projects.)  Let your child wear it around as much as he wants to.  Have fun filling it with goods around the house – even while wearing pajamas.

photo (14)

Make special notes and pictures and put them in the backpack.  During various times of the day take the notes and drawings out and talk about how seeing them helps your child remember how much she is loved.  While looking at the note or picture, give your child a big hug.  This will create a positive feeling for your child that is associated with the notes.  Each time they look at the note or picture they will remember those moments.

Prepare a “getting ready to go” picture chart.  Help your child talk through all the things that will happen in the morning before preschool.  Seeing these simple activities laid out in sequence will build a routine. Children thrive on routines so having this in place on preschool mornings will begin the day much more smoothly.  Some children especially need the visual images to make sense of things in their brains.

Role play going to preschool.  Practice walking through the door, saying hi to her teacher, putting away her backpack and beginning to play.  At this point remind your child that you will leave but she gets to stay and do lots of new activities.  (Actually walk out of the room when you do this.)  Then come back and say in a very excited voice, “I’m back!  Mommy (or Daddy) always comes back.  I am so excited to see you and to hear about your preschool!”

Visit school.  Our preschool families should have all received information about our visitation days.  Plan to bring your child to see the room and meet his teacher!  (Even older schools have times for kids to visit.  Here’s a photo of one of our alumni children and her sister on their school sneak-a-peek)


Take cues from your child, encourage him to explore the room – even let them explore a little distance away from you.  Remember, kids sense your emotions so even if you are struggling with this new phase in life try to exude confidence and excitement.  Several times remind your child that next time they come to school they will stay while you leave but you will always come back!

Visit again.  Stop by and play on the playground before your child’s first day.  A little reminder, our Discovery Days and Preschool Lite classes use the smaller playground while all preschool classes use the big side.  Be sure to help your child experience the area he/she will play in.  If all of our families are stopping by to play you may even see someone that is in your child’s class.

Here is a link to another article with many more ideas about starting preschool:

Hopefully these ideas will give you and your child plenty of opportunities to talk about the fun experience she will enjoy at preschool.  As I mentioned in our last blog post, we are busy getting ready.  Ready for fun.  Ready for play.  Ready for practicing new skills.  Ready for your child!

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Busy, Busy, Busy – and it feels so good

It is that time of year –  back to school.

It is a busy time.  A time of expectation.  A time of getting ready and making plans.  Teachers and families are both dreaming of what will come.

At preschool there is much that has already happened and still lots to happen in the next week and a half.

Floors are waxed.  Rooms are switched (remember the Red class is now in the Old Sanctuary and the Yellow & Oranges classes are in the room at the end of the hall.)  Wall paint is touched up.  Storage areas are re-organized and inventoried.  Student files are being checked (although I know they’ll be re-checked again – that’s how Kendra rolls.)  New mulch is on the playground (a full semi load to be exact.)   And yet, we still have long “to-do” lists.

IMG_0224 IMG_0215

IMG_0222 IMG_0216 IMG_0218

This past week our staff attended the Christian Early Childhood Association conference.  We each now have many thoughts, ideas and new understandings.  We are considering how those will affect changes in the classroom, our actions or our policies and procedures.  It is a good thing.  Our brains and hearts are preparing themselves for welcoming children into a wonderfully successful year of busy, connecting & learning.

Our preschool board members are already planning for the year.  They are dreaming about new ways and improved approaches too.

I am busy planning our back to school staff meeting.   I take this time seriously and see it as an important part of preparing the staff and growing them as we head into each new year.  I’ll share more about how we practiced what we preach in our preschool classes.  We will learn through play.

This is just a small part of what is happening at preschool.  In our next post I will focus on our families:  what I imagine you are doing and also some helpful ideas of what you can do to prepare young children for beginning a new year.