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Christmas Worship – There was no room at the Inn

We had a wonderful time celebrating Jesus’ birth at our two Christmas worship services this past Saturday.  Wow, we had large crowds.  I think we had the most people we’ve ever had before.  I’m so glad our families were able to join us!

It is wonderful to take a short time to focus on Jesus!  I love singing with the kids each day as we prepare to share the story through word and song.  I hope they sang out loud enough for you to hear their sweet voices.

We have the songs on our website but I thought we would add them here too so you can always have access to them.  I’m glad to know that the kids want to continue singing them well past the Christmas holiday.

Our Songs: 

Born in a Stable

Hush There’s a Baby

On the Day that Jesus was Born

Somethings Going to Happen in the Stable

We’ve got No Room

Here are some photos we took of the wonderful morning.

I thank all the staff and families that helped us share the message.  It is my hope to share a message that is meaningful for both the kids and the adults.  We hope everyone makes Christmas preparations and celebrations for focusing on Jesus – the true reason for Christmas!

We love the large crowds – and hope you were able to find a good spot to see your child.  I laughed when I saw this photo of a mom capturing the moment on her phone.  I hope you all appreciate how easy it is to get these moments with your kids.  Back in our day we had to lug in a large DSL camera if we wanted to have any quality pictures.  Just saying.  🙂


And, of course, we especially love the sound of those sweet voices.  Thank you for sharing your children with us.  Hearing them sing is truly a Christmas gift we enjoy each year!


Our Collection:

We are so thankful for you – our generous families.  Mission Southside is such an awesome ministry that serves youth right here in our area.  We are very glad to be able to share such a wealth of items to stock their BackSnack program.  THANK YOU




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We’ve received so much!

At this season of gifts concludes, I am reminded of so many ways our preschool is blessed.  This school year is no exception.  We have truly received some wonderful gifts.

Early this fall Marcus Nameth (Ms. Robyn’s son) gifted us with two amazing magnet ball walls.  He made this for his final Eagle Scout project.  I know he spent hours researching the best balls, glue, etc. to make the project most successful.  And it is!  The kids on both playgrounds enjoy discovering how the balls will move through the pipe tracks, dependent on the way the tracks are positioned.  What a wonderfully thought provoking play experience.  Plus, they have fun too!  We are so grateful that Marcus chose us as his Eagle Scout recipient.  Thank you Marcus!


Yesterday our teachers got to have some great fun.  We visited Lakeshore Learning, an educational children’s toy store that you can find out about HERE, for a teacher training.  Then they “worked” hard playing “Santa” for our school.  Actually, they had a blast choosing just the right things that will fill a need we have.   It was also interesting to find out which of our staff members are good at math and could figure out how to make the most of our money with the coupon discount they were offering that day.  I just stood back and watched them getting so excited about it all.

All this is possible because of YOU!  We used fund raising money to make these purchases.  So, thank you!

And finally as we prepare to leave for our Christmas break I cannot help but think about the greatest gift we’ve ever received.  God chose to become human.  He chose to humble himself to our limitations so that he could give us the gift of salvation.  That sweet baby in a manger is truly our King.  I pray each of you feel surrounded by the love of Christ as you celebrate this Christmas!

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Teaching children values – money talks

He saw a need and found a way to help.  Isn’t that what we all hope to do?

Recently a little guy noticed that our bird feeders were empty.  He worried about the birds being hungry.  His mom reminded him that he has some share money that he could use.  His face lit up and he did just that.  He bought some birdseed and filled the feeders.  Look at that big smile!

Don’t you just love the idea of “share money?”  I asked about this and found out they have a little bank they found on Amazon.  This concrete tool helps teach about giving, spending and saving.

          (click on photo for link)

I would love to post other ideas or routines our families have that help teach values.  Do you have a special prayer routine?  Is there a way you encourage kindness?  Are their regular times you emphasis the importance of family?  Let me know and I will pass on the information.

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God’s Love is Deep and Wide

We are open on Martin Luther King to provide some consistency for our children after having just missed a couple of weeks for the Christmas break.  It gives us the opportunity to talk about some of the important ideas that Martin Luther King taught. Most importantly . . .

God loves everyone!


We noticed that the paint swatch with a variety of different values of the color.  They look different but they are still the same – green.

We also looked at the apples.  They are kind of different colors but when we cut them open they are the same inside.



Ms. Kim and Ms. Cyndi look very different on the outside but we are very similar on the inside.

We both love kids.

We both like music and like to sing.

We both feel sad or happy sometimes.

We both love our families.

(Please disregard my crazy facial expressions.  Talking and speaking dramatically helps keeps children’s attention and helps them understand the message.  LOL)

Our scripture for today talks about God’s love.

I pray that you, together with all God’s people, may have the power to understand how broad and long, how high and deep, is Christ’s love.  Ephesians 3:18

Another way to say this is God’s love is deep and wide.

We saw a short video that showed Niagra falls, a waterfall “fountain” that is deep and wide.  God’s love is even deeper and wider than that.  God’s love falls over EVERYONE!

Of course we sang the song Deep and Wide.

b d g e

We didn’t watch this video but it would be a great way to follow up the ideas from the day.


We always invite our families to join us for the Devotion Worships.  This little guy loved having his whole family join him.  We loved having those alumni kids with us!


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Kindness Counts: We love because God first loved us.

be kind label for A7016

Our Kindness Counts for the month of February was a huge success.  Hopefully we are all focused a little more on how we can be kind to our family, our friends and to others we encounter everyday.

Our book drive will touch the lives of the young children from the families of Westview Elementary School for years to come.  What a wonderful act of kindness.  Thank you!


Our kindness chain is so long I can’t get it all in one photo.


Sometimes I begin to feel this “kindness” focus is a new fad born from the blogging and Pinterest era.

However, as I look, I found it interesting to note that people of importance have been talking about the importance of kindness for a long time.

Here are some of their words.



And, of course, the Bible emphasizes the importance and benefit of kindness.


I pray we each embrace the gift of kindness into our hearts and look for ways to share kindness into our world each day.


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The Fruit of the Spirit’s not a Banana

be kind label for A7016

The Bible tells us “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”  Not a banana?


Ask your children about the silly song we sang (and acted out) about how you can’t be a banana and be a fruit of the Spirit.  Don’t worry, we also took time to notice all the wonderful things we can become if we take what God and Jesus tell us into our hearts.  As you can imagine we focused on kindness.



IMG_4495 IMG_4500

The children were right when I asked what they thought about Jesus.  Yes, he was kind.  One of the reasons God sent Jesus to earth was to give us an example of how to live a Godly life.  Jesus showed us how to be kind.  He even healed a lame man by the pool of Bethesda.  The man had no way to get into the pool.  He told Jesus, “While I am trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of me.”  Jesus told him to “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.”  He healed him.  Jesus was kind.

I’m so glad to know our kids are taking this idea of kindness into their hearts.  We have a LONG chain of kindness to show it.  We stretched out the chain.  It took many helping hands to hold it.  It almost stretched all the way across the Sanctuary.  I wondered if there were about 20 chains links.  Our older kids were sure there were more, “Maybe 100!”  We counted out the twenty links.  That didn’t cover much of the length.  My estimate is there are about 300 link!  When it hangs in our office it now almost wraps all the way around!

IMG_4452 IMG_4484

We finished by singing our song about being kind. (Tune: I had a little turtle, his name was Tiny Tim)

K-I-N-D kind, I can be so kind.

K-I-N-D kind, I’ll be kind today.

K-I-N-D kind, I can be so kind.

I can be kind and helpful everyday.  Hey!