Aldersgate Preschool

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And just like that, another year flies by

We played, learned, laughed, cried, explored, tried new things, made friends . . . .  This year was packed with so much for our little ones and for us, their teachers.

At the end of the year I always gather the staff for a final prayer.  Each person shares things they are grateful for from the past school year.  There are always tears:

 Joyful tears for happy moments shared

Heartfelt prayers for people need healing and comfort

Tears of laughter as we remember so many funny moments

Grateful tears as we think about so many families trusting us with their children

Sad tears as we think about saying goodbye to some of those families

Tears full of emotions – so many emotions.

We end the year with our families with a picnic.  This year it was a beautiful, gorgeous – couldn’t ask for a better – day!  We had so many people here!  Everyone had fun.  I especially enjoyed watching friends running around together, teachers and parents visiting, parents and grandparents watching their child enjoy one more day on our playground, siblings taking a break from school to join their little brother’s picnic, excitement as children launched paper rockets, hugs for teachers, and families connecting.

God was truly with us throughout the year and at our picnic.

These photos capture just a few of those special moments.