Aldersgate Preschool

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Enrichment: what is it?

Enrich: /in'(verb)

to improve the quality of something by adding something else

We currently offer Enrichment options to our MW 3’s, Blue and Red classes. Next year our Preschool Lite class will also have this option. So what exactly is it?

This additional day gives teachers a chance to offer more activities that enhance the learning that is already happening in the children’s regular classes. While the curriculum is definitely age appropriate, it isn’t tied to the curriculum topics that are planned in their other class days. Our teacher’s cover things that are important to them and to their kids. This opens up a wide variety of subjects and ideas to delve into. The lessons focus on science, literacy, drama, cooking or art with each lesson. Our typical classes offer opportunities in these areas as well, however these additional classes give us a chance to do so even more. Our Enrichment classes offer that “something else” that improves or enriches the learning that is already happening.

Let’s take a glimpse into their days through pictures.