Aldersgate Preschool

Things Are Changing


To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

Winston Churchill

I often look for inspirational quotes about change – because I like change.  While I know change is often difficult for some to manage, I am energized by it.  That means I have to evaluate a new idea long and hard to be sure it is truly beneficial and necessary.  I am confident this change is a good one.

As our Yellow, Orange, Blue & Purple classes return to school they will notice some change in their rooms.  For a long time I have been thinking about doing something to help with the acoustics in the entry tile area.  Have you ever noticed how much sounds echo in that space?  In thinking about that we also saw that a better division of the rooms would be helpful.  So, we ordered acoustic panels and had some custom shelving made.  Here are some pictures of the space (and the staff in working to get things ready for your kids.)


the view from the office doorway


the view into the Blue/Purple side from the commons area


the view of the Yellow/Orange side from the hallway


Ms. Sarah putting symbols into cubbies

We also added acoustic panels in the hallway by the bathrooms.  I’m thinking the kids may miss their space that was like their own little amphitheater.



We can still use the panels as bulletin boards – watch for a post of gratitude about those soon.

I am continually grateful for so many people that help bring my ideas for change to reality.  Nate McGuire spent a day removing all bulletin boards and installing all the new panels.  If you know Nate please be sure to thank him for us!

So, we have change.  It may mean some trial and error and making adjustments but hopefully it is all to move toward “perfection” as stated by Winston Churchill.

2 thoughts on “Things Are Changing

  1. Looks fantastic!   Abbey


  2. The changes look wonderful! Thank you and the teachers for always putting our kids first.

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