Aldersgate Preschool

Christmas Worship


Our Christmas Worship service was this past Saturday.  With the weather, we weren’t sure how many would make it.  We were blessed to have record numbers!  It was crowded and busy and sometimes even loud!


The sanctuary was full!  Full of families here to celebrate the birth of Jesus, full of the sound of children’s


voices singing, full of worship and fellowship!

We love theses types of opportunities to gather with our preschool families.  We appreciate you taking the time to come and be a part of our Christmas worship.


Because, isn’t that what is most important?  Time.  That is what our children want and need most from us.  The time to be together; to share in special traditions, to play games together.


To eat together, create together,


and to talk about what is important about Christmas: Jesus!

It was great to see you Saturday!  Thank you for coming!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Worship

  1. Thanks for putting on such a great event!! I also LOVE that the songs are available for download on the website. My kids have been singing the songs in the car and practicing on the stage (our fireplace) for their special performance they will give to their grandparents when they visit over the holidays. The song words and actions are so appropriate for this age!

    • The worship and activities were good for us too. Our hearts are warmed by the excitement in every young child. I’m so glad you found the songs to be useful for your family! This is such a special time for young children. It is always fun to look for songs that do just what you said. Teach the story in words and actions that are appropriate for preschool children. I wish you a Merry Christmas!

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