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As a parent, I have always struggled with finding good books for my children that teach about the Bible.  You may know what I’m talking about.  When my girls were much younger, they received “The Little Girls Bible Storybooks” in their Easter basket and I committed to reading them a story each night.  This was a grand idea because I wanted my children to be familiar with the Bible but I found that often they were too young to truly understand the stories as I attempted to explain words like pharaoh or why Abraham tied his son to the altar as a sacrifice.  Know what I mean?  Bible stories are important but sometimes not always age appropriate.

Cyndi  came across some great ones while at a visit to her daughter’s home and since, has purchased several for our preschool library. And we are very happy with them!

I recently used one for a devotion lesson that the children seemed to really enjoy.  It was called “The Lost and Found Lamb.”  The shepherd had 100 sheep.  One day he counted them only to find that he had 99.  Most of them were there so did it really matter that one was missing?  It did to the shepherd.  He and his sheepdog looked everywhere for that missing sheep.  As the story goes on, we read all the places he looked for that sheep until finally finding him and bringing him home to celebrate.  Just like the shepherd, Jesus loves each and every single one of us.  And he always knows where we are and promises to take good care of us.  I used a puppet as I read the story and the children were enthralled.

If you were to use these books at home, they are interactive as they all include flaps that the children can help to lift and see what is underneath.  The end of each book contains a Bible verse too.

I read another one yesterday in our 4/5 Enrichment class about Easter.  It can be especially tough to find age appropriate books that tell the story of Easter but this one did so perfectly!  Jesus died on the cross for us, was buried in a tomb when an earthquake happened!  An angel came down and when the soldiers guarding the cave looked inside the tomb, it was empty!  Jesus was alive!  He visited his friends and told them to announce to everyone, “Tell everyone the good news!”  Jesus has risen!  He went to Heaven and that’s where we will all go someday!

We supplemented the Easter story yesterday by making resurrection rolls.  This is another excellent tradition to begin in learning about the Easter story.  The recipe is quick and easy and one that the children can do.  You can find it here.

When my family got home from watching the KU game last night, we were delighted to find that our yard had been “egged.”  There was a sign on our door explaining that twelve eggs were hidden in our yard.  One was empty to remind us of Jesus’ empty tomb: He is Risen!  Find the printable here.

The Bible storybooks can be found on Amazon if you click here.

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