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On a personal note



This is a photo of my daughter Allie and my granddaughter Anna.  (It was taken by my daughter Mandy – thanks for all the beautiful photos you take!)  This weekend I visited Allie and Grant’s farm.  When I returned I updated my status on Facebook.  I thought I would share the post with you.

“Today I am mourning the loss of one of the sweetest words I have ever heard, “Abiya.”  For many months now that is how Anna said, “Again.”  For those of you that know anything about little kids, you know they say “Again” often. For Anna we often heard this after a pretend blast off, a reading of Pete the Cat, a push on her little car, a singing of her new favorite song, a viewing of Elmo’s Ducks on YouTube, . . . . This weekend we had a very short (due to this darn old snow) visit and she now says, “Again peas.”  I must admit that she says this in the sweetest way possible and it does melt my heart but alas, I will forever miss, “Abiya.”  They grow up too fast!”

Here is that plea again.  Enjoy it now!  You will not believe how in a blink you are now the grandmother watching her grand baby grow up way too fast.

I know, it’s another snow day.  I know, this is on the end of a spring break full of yucky weather.  I know.  Mixed in with all those memories of the sweet things my kids did I also remember the long days with kids getting antsy.  My suggestion for today is to turn the day around.  You can’t go anywhere so take advantage of it.  Build a blanket fort and have lunch or dinner in it.  Break out the photo books (or pull up pictures on your computer) and tell stories of when your kids were “little.”  They love to hear stories about themselves and it will be fun to think back on all the adorable things your children did or are doing.  Enjoy it.  Enjoy them!


3 thoughts on “On a personal note

  1. We miss Hudson’s “no way, ki-ya” which was his way of saying “no way Jose”.

  2. Cyndi,

    What you shared is all so true. It tugged at my heart. So often I told my preschool parents, “Sometimes the days seem to last forever but the years will truly fly by.” I spent today helping my eldest finish painting his living room in his first home in preparation of their first turn to host Easter and to surprise his wife when she got home from work. The day was a sheer joy for us both. We shared and laughed and painted away and, too soon, I knew I needed to head home to care for my dear pet who was probably wondering where on earth I went because she was getting very hungry. Later this evening the phone rang. “We did it, Mom. We made Becca cry. Thank you so much again. I had such a wonderful time painting with you.” I will remember this day always.


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