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Kindness Connects Us

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Earlier this year, we had a devotion worship centered around “Filling a Bucket.”  Everyone is born with an invisible bucket.  When our bucket is full, we feel happy.  When our bucket is empty, we feel sad or mad or scared.  What types of things fill our buckets? IMG_2216

Each day of Purple class, the teachers and children talk about who is absent that day and they put the pictures of those children inside the class heart.  Because, even though those children are absent, they are thought of because  they are an important part of our preschool family.  Today, as Ms. Leslie was getting ready to pray for those children who were gone, Warren raised his hand to remind her that someone else was absent…. Ms. Sara!  Ms. Sara is an important part of our preschool family too!  (Thinking of others fills their bucket!)

Bucket filling helps us to empathize for others, to think about feelings, and to think about others.  When we give hugs, when we pray for others, when we help each other, those types of things fill other’s buckets.  When we are kind and performing acts of kindness, we (in turn) fill our own buckets!  It feels good to make people happy!


Do you remember this post that Cyndi wrote about kindness? “Kindness for Kids”

What if (center-wide) we make it a goal to intentionally fill other people’s buckets?  As a family, I challenge you to come up with some “acts of kindness” that you can do for others.  Make a card for someone who might be feeling lonely.


Deliver cookies to a friend who isn’t feeling well.  Surprise mom with a clean house.

There are so many possibilities!  What will your family choose?  At Aldersgate, we’d like to to encourage you all to share your “bucket filling” activity with us. 

Drop a note in your child’s parent pouch about something that you all did and we will create a chain of all of the acts of kindness going on in our school!

And what better time to do this than around “Valentine’s Day?”



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