Aldersgate Preschool

The Kindness Campaign Has Begun

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Last week, we posted about our “Random Acts of Kindness” campaign.  Cyndi created a sign and began our chain.  It’s fun to see children come to school with notes of extra special things they’ve been doing at home to be kind.  From baking muffins for neighbors, helping mom to clean without being asked, to working extra hard to get along with brothers and sisters.  We love to hear it all!  Acts of kindness at school don’t go unnoticed either!  We are trying to really recognize especially thoughtful acts that we observe from one another.


We add a link to our chain for each of those special acts of kindness!  Learning about being kind to others might take some special thought right now but it won’t be long before it becomes a habit!  Kindness brings us together and we have a very special “preschool family” here at Aldersgate.

We hope that you will continue sending the notes!

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