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He is Risen, He is Not Here! Mark

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We had a Devotion Worship this past Tuesday.  We talked about Easter!

(The children were very excited and new right away what holiday was coming up!)IMG_0001

We talked about Easter Eggs and what MIGHT be inside.

Of course candy was the popular response.

The children listened to some eggs as I shook them and tried to guess what was inside.


We found sweethearts, nerds and even some coins!


Eventually I shook one and it made noise but then . . . . . it was quiet!  No noise anymore!



We looked inside and we were surprised to find that it was empty!

This led to talk about how Jesus died on a cross and his body was laid in a tomb (like a cave.)

The women came to take care of him and found that it was EMPTY!

He is risen.  He is not here!

Jesus rose to live on earth and teach us about how we can live with God forever after we die.  

God loves us THAT MUCH!

We then sang about being so Happy Cause God Loves Us – Hurray!IMG_9928 


We finished with a prayer thanking God for loving us so much.  We prayed that we might find an empty Easter Egg and it would remind us about the empty tomb.

On Easter we can remember Jesus and how he showed us God’s amazing love!


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