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Love Letters – playing with letters

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love letters

Playing with letters and print in a variety of forms (even those Christmas toy catalogs) gives children of all ages an opportunity to begin to experience the shapes that later begin to represent letters, sounds and words.

ava s (3) Brayden (3)  Ethan (12) graham (6) group (25) group (61)

Don’t discredit those stand-by “oldies but goodies” such as the square letter blocks and magnet letters.

Hayden (16) jordan (11)     Kinsley (4) maddie (10)

Hang on to those old computer keyboards or even old cell phones.

callen (7) Hudson (2)

Did you know you have a light “table” at home?  Well, actually, it’s called a window.  Tape and colored paper look different with the light coming through.  You can also use a dry erase marker to write on windows and mirrors.

valerie (3)

Even a bucket on the head (notice the label on the front) introduces a young child to the world of literacy.


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