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Farmer’s Market: Music, Food, and Splashing!


I’ve heard from several families who visited the strawberry patch and had a great time! I loved hearing about it! Are you looking for some more ideas?
If you missed strawberry picking, don’t fret because blueberry season is upon us! Our favorite place to go is the Berry Patch.  I highly recommend checking their picking report before you go!

Another one of my favorite things to do with children during the summer is Farmer’s Market.  Besides actually going out and picking the fruits, what could be better than buying fresh?  I have found, too, that my children are more likely to try out a new fruit or vegetable when they pick it out at a farmer’s market.  My personal favorite one is Overland Park Farmer’s Market.  If you click on the picture below, you’ll find a list of events that occur weekly.  The market is open on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

In case you’re wondering why it’s my favorite, let me share.

*The market is very easily accessible (does not require a ton of walking-yea! for those whose kids get hot and tire easily).  I love things that I can take my family to that aren’t “an event” to attend.  Ya know what I mean?  It’s fun, laid back, and totally do-able.  And if you get there and find that things aren’t going so well (kids are grouchy, you’re grouchy, etc) you can duck out easily.

*It’s never very crowded.

*My girls’ favorite: several of the vendors sell honey sticks! (and *bonus* honey sticks are cheap!)

*There is quite often live music going on (I have my husband take the kids over there when they get bored shopping).  Be sure to check the calendar

*There is a miniature fountain for the kids to play in (they enjoy getting their feet wet and splashing around).

*I love downtown Overland Park.  Our favorite pizza place is Papa Keno’s (pizza slices as big as your face).  There’s a new craft place for kids called Kookiedoodle Crafts and you can drop in anytime and get creative!

Of course, there are many other farmer’s markets around:

*the downtown City Market

*Olathe Farmer’s Market

*Westport Farmer’s Market

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