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God’s Love is Deep and Wide

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We are open on Martin Luther King to provide some consistency for our children after having just missed a couple of weeks for the Christmas break.  It gives us the opportunity to talk about some of the important ideas that Martin Luther King taught. Most importantly . . .

God loves everyone!


We noticed that the paint swatch with a variety of different values of the color.  They look different but they are still the same – green.

We also looked at the apples.  They are kind of different colors but when we cut them open they are the same inside.



Ms. Kim and Ms. Cyndi look very different on the outside but we are very similar on the inside.

We both love kids.

We both like music and like to sing.

We both feel sad or happy sometimes.

We both love our families.

(Please disregard my crazy facial expressions.  Talking and speaking dramatically helps keeps children’s attention and helps them understand the message.  LOL)

Our scripture for today talks about God’s love.

I pray that you, together with all God’s people, may have the power to understand how broad and long, how high and deep, is Christ’s love.  Ephesians 3:18

Another way to say this is God’s love is deep and wide.

We saw a short video that showed Niagra falls, a waterfall “fountain” that is deep and wide.  God’s love is even deeper and wider than that.  God’s love falls over EVERYONE!

Of course we sang the song Deep and Wide.

b d g e

We didn’t watch this video but it would be a great way to follow up the ideas from the day.


We always invite our families to join us for the Devotion Worships.  This little guy loved having his whole family join him.  We loved having those alumni kids with us!


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