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What did you do at school today?

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It is the time of year that children often have very little to say when you ask “What did you do at school today.”  Here’s a small glimpse into the day of some of our Blue and Red AM classes.

I’ll also include some answers to “What did you learn today at school?”

img_7378 img_7404

img_7407 img_7419

img_7418 img_7422

Through active exploration these children learned a lot about elephants . . . and colors.  Through painting with primary colors on their elephants children can explore how the colors change while they mix.  They can also enjoy the different designs and patterns they create as they paint.   The paper elephant shows how large an elephant’s head is compared to the childrens’ own bodies.  Next, they filled empty milk jugs (30 of them!) and then poured the water into a large tub.  This shows them how much water an elephant usually drinks in one day.  Finally they matched the number on their jug to the number line on the fence.  You can imagine how memorable this activity will be for the children.  Aren’t you impressed with how well they used all their muscles, including their brains!

The elephant day is a special activity that Red classes enjoy each year.  However, it’s also in the everyday play that children learn as they do so many things.  Here are some examples from the morning Blue class.

img_6935  img_6942

Look at all the physics properties these two boys are dealing with:  force, gravity, law of motion, acceleration  . . .

img_6945  img_6951

Spatial awareness, size, geometry, volume are just a few ideas these boys dug into (and learned about) in these play experiences.

img_6952 img_6953

These two children explored creative representation, magnetic force, print awareness and motivation and much more.


And, as always, there was a lot of practice with social rules.  Just imagine how much social coordination these girls navigated to create this adorable photo!

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