Aldersgate Preschool

The world comes alive . . . Outside!

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As I was going through the photos and watching our class DVDs I was so appreciative of all the fun outdoor play your children have experienced while here at Aldersgate.  Experience in nature and outdoor play are vitally important for young children.  Exercising our muscles and enjoying the sensory experiences of the outdoors promotes healthy growth in children.

Here is a video that reinforces this idea.


Enjoy a photo collage of some of our outdoor and nature play.

group playground (7)

Caterpillar (1)

Butterfly (1)





Reese and Riley and Finley looking for the rabbit

molly (6)Squirrel (1)

group playground (6)tate and henry (4)

Connor V (3)Valerie (4) Hudson & Connor C (3) Kenlee (11)Jordan (1)         group playground (6) group playground (23) miles (9)

group playground (8)

Be sure to take time to stop and smell the roses.

jill (6)


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