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Kindness Counts: We love because God first loved us.

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be kind label for A7016

Our Kindness Counts for the month of February was a huge success.  Hopefully we are all focused a little more on how we can be kind to our family, our friends and to others we encounter everyday.

Our book drive will touch the lives of the young children from the families of Westview Elementary School for years to come.  What a wonderful act of kindness.  Thank you!


Our kindness chain is so long I can’t get it all in one photo.


Sometimes I begin to feel this “kindness” focus is a new fad born from the blogging and Pinterest era.

However, as I look, I found it interesting to note that people of importance have been talking about the importance of kindness for a long time.

Here are some of their words.



And, of course, the Bible emphasizes the importance and benefit of kindness.


I pray we each embrace the gift of kindness into our hearts and look for ways to share kindness into our world each day.


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