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Kindness Counts – kindness buddies

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be kind label for A7016

I love my view as I work at my desk.  I can see our kindness chain growing daily.


How exciting!  While they are all special I’ll share just two of our actions of kindness:

Wes “sang to his new baby brother in his mommy’s tummy.”

Kensley and Teagan “bought a homeless man a pizza and a drink.”

Feel free to continue sending in paper links all month.  The three we sent home were just to help you get started.  Use any paper in any color.  It would be great if the whole office ceiling was covered in kindness chain!

We are hearing the children talking about their kind deeds and seeing them intentionally being kind in our classrooms as well.  It is through our youngest hearts and minds that we can truly change the world!

I’ve also been hearing about our kindness buddies.  One buddy, I know, encouraged a child to bake cookies and take them to the fire fighters to thank them for keeping us safe.  Is yours helping with ideas for being kind?


For those following our blog that aren’t currently attending, Below is the link to a pdf of our page of ideas and cards you can use throughout the month.  If you don’t have our little happy face buddy simply select a special stuffed animal as your kindness buddy for the month.

sharinga little kindness

(just click on the photo above for the link)

be kind pagekindness cards

I’d LOVE to hear about the nice things happening in your home and community.  What are your children excited about doing for others?  Please share your stories in either a comment on this post or drop us an email at


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