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Hearts full of thanks!

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The holiday season is HERE!  Especially if you see Halloween as the beginning of the season.  It certainly seems as that once the kids start their Trick-or-Treating, time marches quickly to Thanksgiving and then Christmas.

Today I am focusing on a sampling of the many things we are THANKFUL for here at Aldersgate Preschool.

Our Preschool Board!

Our members may say they don’t do much but personally I don’t know how I could do this without them.  Here are just a few things they do:

  • Monthly meetings in which we deal with the mundane, but where we also have in-depth discussions on policies, programming, improvements and more.
  • Supporting our staff with birthday wishes, occasional small items that show they care and coordinating treats and meals.
  • Special events!  Recently our board represented us at the church Trunk-or-Treat.  They created a fun space and handed out fun treats.

IMG_0192 IMG_0193

  • Fund-raising!  Those note cards you just received from our fall fund-raiser were folded and packaged by our board.  We did have the bonus of some good conversation while we worked.  They are also already working on our spring Ice Cream Social.   You’ll hear more about this soon.

Our Families!

You support us in so many ways!

  • Your kind words and notes.  In the day-to-day duties it is always welcome and encouraging to hear from you the things you enjoy.  Our staff truly have a heart for their jobs and your words fill those hearts to overflow.
  • Treats for Teachers.  Just today some unexpected treats arrived for our staff.  These fun snacks whether sweets or good for us veggies are always welcome.  Your willingness and time spent preparing these are greatly appreciated!
  • Conference meals.   Do you see a theme here?  We do love to eat and the meals during conferences gives us a chance to grab a bite between meetings.  And, they are always so yummy!
  • Your daily efforts to do the right thing for your child.  We know every day isn’t perfect.  We also know, and appreciate, that you try to do your best everyday.  We love your little guys and watching you raise them is a real treat for us.

Our Church! 

Without a church congregation that values young children and dedicates themselves to providing children with a quality early education experience, none of this is possible.  Pastor Shelly and Carrie Lahmeyer also reach out to the kids through our devotion worships, our special events and so much more.

Each other!

As a staff, we are a strong group that truly cares for and supports each other.  We’ve weathered some tough storms lately and having this group of co-workers friends has been invaluable.  As the director I am especially blessed.  Many people question how a staff of all women (until we recently added Nate to our staff) work together without all the expected drama.  While we sometimes have those little disagreements, I thank God every day that our staff work hard at working well together.  Having God at our center gives us a basis of love and understanding.

The kids!

This list could go on and on.  We receive so many blessings as we work with kids each day; laughter, conversation, smiles, hugs, pretend play, unexpected thoughts, children’s perspective . . . . .

As parents, you may be wondering how to encourage your children to have a heart full of thanks.  Here is a wonderful blog post about the simple day-to-day things that can support a child’s grateful heart.


(click on the photo for the link)

Our hearts are full!  This quote captures that so well.


(click on photo to find where to purchase this print)

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