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PBS – they continue teaching even us adults

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I am researching information for an in-service with the staff about communication – especially communication with you, our parents.  In the process I came across this wonderful post on the PBS Parent page.  In a concise article, the writer includes wonderful tips for helping children through tough situations that may be charged with emotions.

This focus on supporting social/emotional development is supported by research.  One research conclusion stated, “The new study, a comprehensive 20-year examination of 800 children from kindergarten through their mid-20s published recently in the American Journal of Public Health, found a link between a child’s social skills in kindergarten and how well they were doing in early adulthood.”

“Study: Behavior in kindergarten linked to adult success,” by Kelly Wallace, CNN, July 16, 2015

It is definitely worth a look.  Just click on the photo below for the link to the article.


This site would be worth spending a little time with  There are many wonderful articles that would be helpful for parents and educators alike.

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