Aldersgate Preschool

Fall Festival Fun with a visit from a King

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Our King Gretchen learned a valuable lesson.  Jesus is the true king!  Jesus has all power and authority over Heaven and Earth!  We praise and worship our king.  And we danced a little and sang a lot.




We also showed our praise to King through our offering.

This year we collected items for Mission Southside.

Did you know:

37,000 people below the poverty line in Johnson County

25,000 homes have  people that go to bed hungry every day

1,100 students classified as homeless in Johnson County

You can learn more about Mission Southside here.


And then we ate and PLAYED!  It was a great night of fellowship and fun!

One little guy asked me this morning, “Do we get prizes at school again today?”

   img_1655-300x200 img_1640-300x200 img_1630-300x200img_1646-300x200

Sorry, no prizes at school . . . . until next year!

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