Aldersgate Preschool

Welcome to a great year!

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What fun.  We are having a great second full week!  As I walk through all the classes I’m already seeing so much interaction, learning, possibility . . .   I snapped a few photos on my phone to share with you – can you believe all the cameras are in use in the classrooms as the teachers take photos to share with you throughout the year!  Here is just a sampling of what I saw.

(By the way, you are welcome to stop in and get a photo of your child in front of our chalkboard door in the office if you would like. )


As children learn to trust others outside their family circle, the build confidence in themselves.  Trust is the foundation of all meaningful relationships.  Also, through these positive experiences children learn to be more open to exploration and new experiences in the future.


Safety and self-help:

It’s the little things that add up to a safe space.  As children learn our routines it creates a safer environment for them.  Our staff are always vigilant but giving the children (even young ones) the skills that create a safe transition, etc. is so very helpful.  We have our Discovery Days and Preschool Lite kids “put their bottoms on the wall” as their way to line up.  This is a concrete direction for them so it is easier to follow.  This might be a great safety strategy for you in public as well.  “Put your bottom on the car while I get the stroller out.”


Movement (and fun!)

What?  They play with balloons at school?  That’s not learning???  Yes, actually, watching a balloon as it moves through the air is great eye-tracking practice and that’s important for reading.  Also, experiences that encourage children to twist, stretch their necks up, turn upside down, jump, etc. all support the rapid vestibular input to their brain.  Here’s a wonderful article about the importance of this.


Sensory and art:

Art is just one area in which children can use their creativity.  An article I read recently on the blog Inquire Within related creativity to innovation in this way:

  • Imagination – the power to bring to mind things that aren’t here in the present.
  • Creativity – applied imagination.  The process of putting your imagination to work and having original ideas that have value.
  • Innovation – putting original ideas into practice.

This makes us realize how important it is to nurture the creativity in our children.

Stimulating the senses sends signals to children’s brains that help to strengthen neural pathways  important to all types of learning.  And, those scooper tools are just cool and fun to use (they also provide great fine motor coordination practice.)


Reading, reading, reading:

I can’t say enough how important the exposure to books is for young children.  It is by far the most significant support toward helping children grow into successful readers.  Independent reading and being read to everyday are both incredibly valuable!


Hands on learning:

How much more impactful is the number and measure of 30 gallons of water (which happens to be how much an elephant drinks in a day) when you are hauling, pouring, matching, watching . . .  These experiences will be in these kids brains for future scaffolding once they are introduced to volume and other math terms and concepts.  By the way, the kids also saw how much water they should drink in a day.  It was much less than an elephant (1.5 liters) but still more than probably most get – isn’t that true for so many of us.


Yes, it really is going to be a GREAT YEAR at Aldersgate Preschool!

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