Aldersgate Preschool

“Natural” Play!


“Look, there is a pumpkin growing!”  “Where, Where?”

Last week your kids excited explored the volunteer vines that have graced our playground.  In the fall last year we brought in some of the left over pumpkins and gourds for the kids to play with on the playground.  As they “got squishy” we threw them into a blank space in the mulch.  Happily, they sprouted into vines this spring and now we are seeing their fruit.  The kids are exploring the natural process and having great discussions.  There was great debate over what had caused the broken, somewhat chewed off, section on one gourd in particular.

I took great pleasure watching them explore.  I also enjoyed the struggle two boys were having as they moved all the heavy stuff: tires, boards, orange cones.  I’m not exactly sure what the plan was or why they needed to do this but, they did.  Their concentration was natural.   Their excitement over a completed task was heart-felt!

I recently came across an intriguing video that has stayed with me – it’s actually a commercial.  Nature Valley filmed several generations from a couple of families as they talked about how they played.  What they did.  How their days were filled.  What brought joy to their childhood.

How would you answer the question, “What did you play when you were a child?”  I wonder, are your kids getting the chance to experience some of those same kinds of play experiences?

While I know this video shows children older than our kids ages, perhaps you can use this as motivation as you make choices:  choices for your child as he or she grows, choices about play, choices about time spent, choices about your family values. I hope you will take a few minutes to watch this.Untitled-1



2 thoughts on ““Natural” Play!

  1. Hi! I miss you guys so much! It’s a much better year though… I’m surviving! I love this commercial. We’ve been sitting in a lot of “beginning of the year” meetings and my student teacher is amazed at the amount of kids with allergies, on the spectrum, or with other disabilities or health concerns… it’s A LOT! It makes you wonder how much early childhood and a child’s experiences during that time had an effect on this. Hmmmm… Happy Monday! Shelly Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 13:36:08 +0000 To:

    • We miss you too Shelly. Glad to know your year is starting out better though. Yes, I, too, wonder just how much those early experiences in nature and more self-directed play as well as more stimulation from technology have an effect on our kids.

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