Aldersgate Preschool

The Many Hats of Mr. Nate


There’s a man in the preschool classrooms!!


I’m so pleased that many of you have seen the positive aspects of having Nate McGuire join our staff team.  The kids, especially the boys, are super pumped to have a man as one of their teachers (even if only occasionally as a sub.)  Let me tell you a little about Nate.


Nate McGuire is a member of Aldersgate United Methodist Church.  He is married to Erica and has two children.  His original degree was in criminology but he decided an education career fit him better.  While he was a stay at home dad caring for his young children Nate attended classes to obtain his elementary education degree.   During this time Nate’s two children attended Aldersgate Preschool and Nate also joined our Preschool Board.  He was a regular volunteer in the classroom and he even came to make some special appearances at our Devotion Worships using science to demonstrate some theological concepts.nate

Nate graduated from Ottawa University in 2013.  He worked at Madison Elementary in Gardner School District as a first grade teacher for the last two years.

With his wife’s career demanding more travel and his growing involvement in a variety of their kids’ extra curriculur activities, Nate decided to stay home again this year.  This way he can be a cub scout leader, an Aldersgate Church Youth volunteer and more.


We are so glad that life brought Nate to this decision.  We have recruited him to wear MANY hats for Aldersgate Preschool.


Nate will be our “go-to” sub,  He is beginning the year supporting one of our staff who is needing help long-term while she cares for her husband following a boating accident.  He will also be extra hands in our younger classes when not on duty in one of the Red Classes.  I am looking forward to watching Nate become familiar with all of our classes over the year as he subs for many of our teachers.

Nate is also going to cover some of our more basic needs such as light cleaning on the days our cleaning crew does not work and also our handy man.  Whew!  That is a HUGE relief for me and for all the staff.  THANKS NATE!

Finally, we are possibly most excited that Nate will be our science guy.  In the past, our Assistant Directors have presented a few science concepts in each of the classes.  Having someone different from the regular teachers come in to do a science project somehow highlights these concepts and helps the children get more involved in them.  So, Investigate with Mr. Nate will be what we now call those science moments!  (I know, it’s a little hokey but the kids will love it!!)

Welcome Mr. Nate!


2 thoughts on “The Many Hats of Mr. Nate

  1. I am excited to be working at such a wonderful preschool that has a reputation for excellence built on the hard work and dedication of so many incredible teachers. My children and I love Aldersgate because of all the loving and caring people there whom I get to call my peers.

  2. Mr. Nate,

    You are a most positive and welcome addition to Aldersgate Preschool! You have so many talents tucked in your “Teacher Tool Box” that will benefit both the children and the school. It should be an exciting and wonderful year for Aldersgate!! Welcome!!!

    Susan Kupfer

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