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Water fun!

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This week was water days for our Summer Camp kids.   They had a GREAT time.

I must admit, though, that I got a little cranky about setting it up (and I didn’t do the majority of the work!)  Gathering materials, walking to the other end of the building for the key that turns on the water faucet, dealing with low water pressure, making sure the water squirters actually work . . .  none of it is much fun.

Perhaps you feel this way about setting up extra activities for your kids.  It takes too much effort.  Certainly there are days you need to just say, “Not today.”  But I also must admit that seeing the JOY on the children’s faces changed my thinking and attitude.  It may also be the case that taking that extra effort to set up some things will make your day go much smoother in the long run.

Back in my home daycare days I would actually plan big “special” days for the kids.  We would set up carnivals, Olympics games, and “water park days.”  The kids would be busy making signs and invitations for days ahead.  I would usually co-organize with a friend and her kids.  Having another adult around always makes things easier and more fun.  Also, the mix of other kids always made the activities more interesting for my own kids.  Perhaps this is another way to ease your workload.

Here are some photos of activities we did.  Hopefully you will get some ideas for play at home.

IMG_0084 (2) IMG_0107 (2) IMG_0024IMG_0090 (2) IMG_0098 (2)  IMG_0112 (2) IMG_0118 (2) IMG_0083 (2) IMG_0130 (2) IMG_0002  IMG_0027    IMG_0064 IMG_0070 IMG_0071 IMG_0033

IMG_0054 IMG_0062


Simple things like bringing water toys outside, using chalk in water, shaving cream play and an outside snack make things fun and unique.  I’ve gathered a few blog posts onto our Aldersgate Preschool Pinterest board.  It looks like there is a whole host of other great ideas out there so here’s my encouragement to give it a try (at least maybe one or two ideas? 🙂


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