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Heaven is when we go to God’s Home

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Today we had our last Devotion Worship of the year.  The children are still excited about celebrating Easter so we talked about that a little more.  We talked about:

    Easter eggs


fun things in our baskets

seeing our family

and yummy food (I had a two dessert day!)

Then I reminded them that the really special part of Easter is that Jesus died and then the tomb was empty.  Jesus lived on earth to tell us that when we believe in Him we can now go to live in heaven – forever!  We decided Jesus must love us A LOT to do that so we sang Jesus Loves Me!

Hmmm, what is heaven?  I explained that the Bible tells us that in heaven we won’t be hungry anymore, we won’t ever get another “boo boo” or “owie,” we won’t ever be sick or sad, we will dance!!!

We all thought that sounded really good.

But how do you go to heaven?  Can we make things go to heaven?

Three teachers came up to help me try to bounce a soft ball, a balloon and a teddy bear with a parachute all the way to heaven.  The children helped by yelling, “One, two, three, go to heaven!”IMG_9938

It didn’t work.  The ball actually hit the ceiling but it didn’t keep going to heaven.  Why didn’t it?IMG_9936


One child yelled out, “Because it isn’t magical.”    Hmmm, interesting.  God does do pretty amazing things that often seem like magic to us.

I had the children help me say this exciting news from the Bible.  (I adapted it just a little for the kids.)

For God so loved the world that He sent his only Son (that’s Jesus) so that whoever believes in Him should never die but live forever in heaven.  John 3:16

Then I heard the sweetest voice say,

“Heaven is when we go to God’s home.”

I’ve heard heaven referred to as God’s house before but somehow this idea of going to God’s home felt even more inviting and comforting.  I love my home and want people to feel welcome there.

I know God does too.


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