Aldersgate Preschool

We’re writing now!

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love letters


Our kids are still writing what they love:

(from left to right)

Chuckie Cheese, Mommy and Daddy, the castle at Disney World, Mommy!


— My family, and playing Super Mario.


  I hope you enjoy a few more photos of the kids doing some writing in the classes.

Brayden art stormie art

Painting is a form of writing.  Learning to control an instrument to move it where you want are important steps in being able to form letters.

elias (4)  group (12)

Different mediums to write on will speak to different children.  A chalkboard and Magna-doodles are fun alternatives to paper.

group small group (2)   Sophia (3)

Writing together and having sample words often promotes more interest and a longer attention to the task.

Is your family writing together?  Are you joining your children in writing the things you love.  They might want to know what you love to eat, where you love to go, how you show love . . .

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