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Give it Away!


Today we had a love-filled worship time.  The kids were excited and curious as they came in and saw pitchers of pink water, a tall glass vase and a red tub.  What could we be doing?  Talking about L-O-V-E!

IMG_0494 IMG_0502

We began by singing (you know that’s a favorite time for me!)  Ask your kids “WHERE” they have the love of Jesus.  Hopefully they will respond – “Down in my heart!”

IMG_0513 pm (10)pm (2) pm (6)

“But, where does our love come from?”  Children at both services shouted out, “Jesus!”  (I know that’s the go-to answer during a children’s message but I’m hopeful our kids truly understood this concept.)  I read a scripture from the Bible.

May the Lord make your love to grow and overflow to each other and to everyone.  

1 Thessalonians 3:12 (adapted)

I filled a vase with visual love (rocks.)  We talked  about things we do that shows our love to others (God’s love that’s overflowing) and saw how it fills up a heart (our glass vase.)  Some of the things mentioned were: sharing toys, saying “I love you,” asking a friend to play, helping someone, drawing a picture or giving a Valentine, telling someone you like playing with them and so much more.  Eventually the vase was full.  But, everyone always has room for more love, right?


This time I used the pink water to fill in around the rocks.  The children loved watching it fill to the brim!  Then we remembered that God fills our hearts so full it overflows so we can share it.  It was great to watch the pink water flow over the top of the vase!

 IMG_0510 pm (15)

We danced to a great song about sharing God’s love:  Give it Away.  I am sure your child will dance  and enjoy this song at home as well.  Be sure to spin, turn around and turn upside down when it says to and then we gave it away by giving out High Five!

IMG_0515 IMG_0521

pm (22)

Carrie Laymeyer, the church Director of Children’s Ministries, closed our worship with a prayer to God!  We really do thank you God for all the love you give us – so much that it overflows and we can share it to everyone!

pm (25)

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  2. Beautiful!! I love it 💗💗 thanks for sharing


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