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Love Letters – February Challenge

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love letters

I’m suggesting we put a different spin on the phrase “Love Letters.”  With Valentines Day approaching I challenge you to find time each day during the month of February to write “Letters” with your child.

Children don’t see us actually writing as often as kids used to “in the old days.”  By focusing on writing with your child each day it may spur some interest (dare I even say excitement?) for letters and writing.  Don’t stress it!  Don’t make this a chore.  If your child writes a little – Great!  If he or she really gets into it – Great!  The idea is to expose children to the idea that thoughts can be written down.  Others can read our thoughts after we write them.  Have some fun!

Kids will write on anything (how many of you know how to remove crayon from the walls?)  So, while it is not necessary, you could purchase a special notebook or journal for writing.  Your child might love to have his or her own Love Journal.    I found this one on Amazon. (Click on the photo for the link.)


I will be posting quite often this month.  I’ll  have posts about love and showing love.  I’ll have links to silly things as well as touching moments.  I will also be checking in with you throughout the month to see how you are doing on the “Love Letters” challenge.

I will post photos of pages children are writing here at school.  Here is one to get us started.



See, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  We would love it if you could also post some photos of the “letters” you are writing at home in your comments.

Ideas of things to write about:

People I love – make a list.

Food I love – make a list and then cut out pictures from the newspaper.

I love to . . . .  leave this one open ended.  Encourage your child to draw about what he or she said.

I love the color _____________.  Color or write on the page with that color.  FYI – Crayons help strengthen muscles more than markers.

My toys I love  – make a list.  Take a picture of your child playing with a favorite toy.

I love to help people by …  help your child come up with ways he or she can be helpful.

How I show people I love them. (a hug? kisses?  saying hello?  calling Grammy?  playing with them?)

Ways I love to move:  Hop, jump, climb, crawl, DANCE?  Put some fun music on and get your groove on!

Animals I love – make a list.  Print photos from the internet and glue them onto the page

I love _(a person) __ because ________.   (You can use this one lots of times.  Make a copy and give or send it to the person you write about.)

I love when our family ___________________.  Draw a picture of the activity.

I love to go to __________.  If you can, find a picture of this spot on the internet and print it for your child to paste on the page.  Or, help him or her write the letters of the place and see how he can draw it.

I love to ______________ before I go to bed at night.

I love to give (or donate) ______________________.

I love to hear ____________________________.

I love to see _______________________________.

I love to visit _______________________________.

I love to play games – make a list

I love to smell _____________________________.

I love to touch (or feel) _____________________.

I love to share ____________________________.

I love to go to ________________________.

I love to wear ________________________.

I love to read these books – make a list.

I love to ride on ______________________.

Love notes – Make a “mailbox” – sometimes they have these for a $1 at Target – for each person in the family.

Heros I love – make a list.

I love to watch ________________________.

At the playground I love __________________.

I love to sing ______________________.

Outside I love to _____________________.

At school I love _______________________.

I love to learn about – make a list.

I love to go shopping at ____________________.

I love to help _________ at school by _________________.

I love to cook _______________________.

What I love about (Grandma, my family, my sister/brother, etc.)  You could do this on multiple days.

I love to call people on the phone (make a list and then draw that person or people)

Purchase a set of valentines and just write your names and give them to neighbors, friends, each family member, etc.

Remember – have fun!  While you are at it you may just learn a little about that special little one in your home.









One thought on “Love Letters – February Challenge

  1. I LOVE this idea! I am going to use it as a before-dinner (witching-hour) activity.

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