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The Angels Sang and They Blew on Their Horns

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We didn’t have any horns blowing, but our little “angels” sang with their sweet voices.

IMG_3198 (2) photo

IMG_9147 IMG_3198

Our message this year reminds us that we need to make room for Jesus.  Our world and our holiday is full of wonderful things that are meant to enhance our days.  All the festive decorations and activities are wonderful however sometimes our days are so “full” with those that Jesus has a hard time finding room.  (Sound familiar?)  As one of our songs said, “We’ve got no room, we must confess…”

At Aldersgate Preschool we work hard to help the children understand the importance of Jesus birth and to realize that He is the whole reason we celebrate Christmas.  We try to keep our holidays pretty low-key, however, we love the tradition of our Christmas Worship where we can celebrate Christ’s birth with our families.  I also love our time learning songs.  It reinforces the story as they hear it over several days.    This year we were blessed to have a live baby (Ms. Janel’s grandson) as our Jesus at worship.

baby jesus

This was our first year to divide our classes into two groups for separate worship services.  That was a good thing because both services were filled to capacity.  It was so nice to see our families walk in as a family of two or a family of six.  It’s wonderful to how much our children are loved!

Another tradition we have is for our 4/5 year old Enrichment class.  They act out the nativity story for their parents on their last class before Christmas break.  Here are a few photos of their rehearsal this past Friday.  I love seeing the children in the setting of this miraculous story.



Traditions like these are a wonderful way to keep Jesus in our celebration.  I recently came across a great blog that is all about traditions and good ways to celebrate.  Perhaps you are still considering new traditions to begin with your family while your children are young.  You may find an idea or two on this website.  Link:  SO FESTIVE.

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