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“I Cutta Da Hair”

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Awhile ago I remember chuckling as I read a facebook post written by a mother with young children.  She gave me permission to share her story on this blog.  Perhaps you can relate.

Last night Jenna acted shocked about her brother’s new haircut and even though she was given the “you have the opportunity to tell the truth now and not get in trouble”, she still vehemently denied cutting it. The subject was dropped and we decided that although we thought it was unlikely that Wes could cut his own hair, especially on the top, we would do an experiment in the morning. So this morning, I handed him a pair of child scissors. He promptly started slicing just above his head and proudly smiled and shouted “l cutta da hair!”



I told this story to our teachers and they all began sharing similar stories of either their own children or children from previous classes that also joined the “I cutta da hair” club.  It seems to almost be a right of passage.  Most children will do this at some time.  I remember having my kindergarten picture taken with bangs that had a large chunk cut out of the middle.

One teacher shared photos of her daughter’s hair cutting prowess.

Meg mullet New haircut

This sweet girl really did a good job.  She managed to cut pretty far in the back of her hair.  Hmmm, now she is a sweetheart sporting a cute SHORT haircut.

So, why  would I write about this?  I write so that when it happens in your house (and it will) or when it happens in class (hopefully not but we can’t guarantee anything) you will know – it’s something kids do.  Yes, children need to know that scissors are for cutting paper.  And yes, a logical consequence may be to have the scissors only available with adult supervision for a while.  But ultimately, it’s just hair.  It grows back.  And it provides a funny story for years to come.

One thought on ““I Cutta Da Hair”

  1. Well, it’s not just little kids who cut their hair. When I was a poor college student I used to cut my own hair all the time….and with similar results as those photos! Good thing I have curls.

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