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Positive Discipline – yes, those words can go together

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Discipline is the topic parents ask about most often.  I understand.  I remember.  Raising young children can be challenging as they grow and work through the many phases of development.  It seems you just start feeling like you have things figured out and then, BAM, there’s a new behavior you are not sure how to manage.

I would love to be able to offer a few simple words of advice for all situations.  Ha!  It’s not that easy.  One thing I do often say is, “The most effective parenting is often the hardest on the parent.”  I know that’s not what you want to hear so I will save more on that subject for another time.


Today I want to tell you about a new resource available from Amanda Morgan of Not Just Cute.  I have referred to this blog in a couple of previous posts.  Not Just Cute is a well-written resource for parents and care-givers of young children.  She offers a variety of posts dealing with behaviors.  Amanda also has a  free 20-30 minute eCourse video that shares an important piece to the behavior puzzle that parents and teachers most frequently overlook.  You can find this (here).

For those of you wanting a more in-depth coverage of the subject, Amanda is currently offering a discount price for her course, Parenting with Positive Guidance.  Simply click on the link below.


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