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Independence – It Feels so Good

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One of our biggest goals is to promote independence with routines and skills.  The joy on a child’s face as he practices and then masters a new skill is heart warming.  You can feel the pride the child feels and watch that translate into confidence in how he approaches other areas as well.  As teachers these are the moments we sit back and watch, enjoying the concentration and thought processes as they work.

The beginning of the school year is a time for many of these “Wow!  Look at Me!” moments.

A girl in our Blue PM class learned about pouring her own drink during snack time.  She seemed enthralled with this and went to work.  She poured herself some water again and again.  She even got a second cup so she could pour even more.  The wise teacher saw what was happening and simply let her continue even though we typically only use one cup per person.  I’m sure she had to go potty soon as she consumed about a whole small pitcher full of water as she reveled in her new skill of independence. (By the way, we recently purchased more of the little green Tupperware pitchers from Ebay.  I am sure the kids would love using these at home as well.)

A boy, also in a Pre-K class, was attempting to use scissors.  After a teacher demonstrated the proper way to hold scissors a couple of times (“thumbs up!”) he finally “GOT IT!”  He then proceeded to cut up an entire piece of blue construction paper into tiny little pieces.  (By the way, sometimes those end up coming home in an envelope – now you know the significance of those little scraps.)  He spent almost the whole Work Time on this project.

While building in a three year old class, a boy tried to drive his car on the road a couple of other friends had built.  They informed him that only their cars were driving on that road.  Rather than melting down, he simply began building his own very elaborate road layout.  “Look how my cars can drive,” he exclaimed proudly!

Independence builds confidence and yes, it feels so good!

Here is a sampling of photos of children enjoying their independence.

group routines (2) IMG_9939 - Copy IMG_9941 IMG_9942 kit (7) Mason (5)

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