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Table Time

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Many of our preschool classes have a period of the day that is called “Table Time.”  Often this is during a period of transition such as children arriving or changing activities.  Children have choices of trays with activities.  Most of these activities can be managed on a single tray and all of them are independent play options.

As with all of our activities there are goals and objectives with each play option.  Here are some examples:

IMG_9873  IMG_9875    IMG_9879  IMG_9881 IMG_9880

These would be great options for those “I need to be doing something” times for a parent such as cooking, talking on the phone, etc.  If you get into a routine using these the kids will know what is expected and tune into an activity for a good length of time.

We are in the process of building an Aldersgate Preschool Pinterest Page.  One of our boards will be Fine Motor.  It will have a variety of options for possible Table Time activities – many using everyday household items.  You may want to begin following our Pinterest Page or using it as a resource for ideas.  More ideas will fill our boards soon!  Click on the photo below to go to our Fine Motor board.


Fine Motor Pinterest Board


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