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Some good reads to help keep perspective

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The weather is hot and sometimes the days are long.  Yesterday I instituted “no screen day.”  Did I tell you that the days are long? Years ago, when my children were preschoolers, we had many creative days spent baking, sewing, and creating art.  Lately, it seems that screens have gotten in the way.  So our “no screen day” included banana bread baking, Scrabble flash playing and even a little (ahem) acrobatics.


Hey, whatever it takes, right?  The kids thought I was funny and it really didn’t hurt that bad.

But, it’s always important to remember that kids need to be bored (so, you don’t need to always be doing acrobatic, wall climbing stunts)… because, quite often, that’s where creativity begins!: (click on pic for article)


And, as always, perspective is everything.  My oldest is 13 and when you think about it, I really only have 5 more summers with her before she’s grown.

Have you read this article?  (click on the picture)

the days are long but the years are short

One thought on “Some good reads to help keep perspective

  1. Oh, no SCREEN day. At first I thought it said SREAM day!

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