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Firefly Forest Adventures- no longer available :(

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photo 1

I have to share a little adventure that my children and I went on last week… to Firefly Forest!  Perhaps you’ve heard of it.   I know that I had for the past year or so but was unsure of exactly how to maneuver getting there and hiking it.

photo 3

We packed a picnic lunch and some extra water, drove to Deanna Rose Farmstead and parked in the older parking lot.  If you walk to the east side of the farm along Switzer, you can take a sidewalk south to a walking trail.  First we followed the path west (to our right) and found the entrance to the forest.

photo 2

There were three houses along the trail!  It was fun to take in each and every detail.  Someone went to a lot of work in putting each home together.  And, I loved that they seemed so well preserved.

After seeing the three little homes, we turned around and walked the other way (west) and ventured under Switzer on the path.  There were several sets of more fairy homes that we noticed (about three sets in all)!

photo 5

Some were set into trees with miniature doors and furniture and others were free standing.  And besides the little homes, there were so many other things that my girls and I enjoyed: a little creek (which had a snake on a rock sunning himself), a large tree that had fallen over and had the prettiest green bugs on it, and so many other fun surprises in the forest!

It was a fun little adventure that was very easy to do!  For those who have little ones, I do suggest bringing a stroller because there is walking and it can get to be tiresome.  There are benches along the way to sit and rest as well!

You can find more information about it here.

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