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Following the school year our staff were busy cleaning.  I mean really cleaning!  Every single thing that is touched in this building is wiped down.  Here are some photos in case you cannot imagine what that looks like:

IMG_9961  IMG_9958  IMG_9957  IMG_9955 IMG_9952 IMG_9960

Isn’t it amazing how everyone is smiling – even while they are cleaning!  Can they come to my house too?

As I reflected on this process I got to thinking that we were cleaning from all the hands.  Hands that were busy all year long.


Hands that touched as they learned.

Hands that rubbed along the wall as they waited because kids are still so sensory and this feels good.

Hands that were pouring, measuring, sifting, mixing as they discovered the different properties of sensory materials.

Hands that sorted: pumpkins, letters, sizes, colors, rhyming items . . .

Hands that put things away, a lot of things over the year.

Hands that wrote, colored, drew, painted and EXPLORED!

Hands that sometimes weren’t as gentle as we hoped but that’s part of learning too.

Hands that turned pages in books, touched letters, followed along with the words as we “read.”

Hands that lifted, cut, squeezed, wiggled and grew stronger.

Hands that enjoyed our hoorays – 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!

Hands that reached out to lift up a friend, comfort a hurt, dance together and love each other.

1 Group (16) allie (3) henley asher (10)

                      group (34)



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  1. My hands are clapping for this great post. :~)

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