Aldersgate Preschool

Our final hurrah before summer

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On Tuesday, this was the view out the window of the preschool:


It was such a beautiful sight!  Teachers, parents, grandparents, and children gathering together to enjoy our last bit of preschool time together before summer!  We loved seeing you here!  We loved that dads (and moms) could get off of work to visit!  And we loved that some of you even brought grandparents!


 I teased that we “planted” those baby bunnies on our playground as “bonus” entertainment!  Ha!  But, what a fun surprise it was to be able to watch the little nest of brand new babies.  I had a couple of children who needed reassurance, “They’re not rats, they’re bunnies, right?”  That’s right!  They were baby rabbits.  And, the mom did return to add some of her fur to keep them warm.  I’ll be anxious to see if they’re still there this week!

I’ve been asked before what makes Aldersgate such an amazing place.  Among some other things, it’s the sense of family that we have!  We are a tight group.  I hope you feel that, too.  And, I hope that you’ve been able to connect with some other moms or dads because that’s important.  It’s good to have friends who have kids the same age.  And, we hope that you’ll continue to keep in touch over the summer.  Feel free to come and use our playground this summer and meet up for playdates.  *Mondays and Fridays are best as we will have summer camp Tues-Thurs.




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