Aldersgate Preschool

Yes Day!


Ms. Deb shared a beautiful book in our Enrichment class today:

What if there was a day once a year that was “Yes Day”?  This book tells the story of a boy who wakes up and has that day!

“Can I have pizza for breakfast?”   YES!

“Can we have a food fight?”   YES!

“Can I use your hair gel?”  YES!

Such a sweet thought!  And it made me think: how often do we say no to our kids just because… we’re tired or we don’t have the energy or because it’s become habit?

I once heard of a child psychologist explain the concept of “YES/NO” by comparing it to driving.  There are times when we’re driving and perhaps will drive 5 or so miles over the speed limit.  Is that okay?  Maybe.  Is it against the law? Nah.  But, we know that we can’t go over 10 miles/hour over the speed limit and we definitely know we can’t speed in places like construction zones or school zones.

What if we used that sentiment when our child asked us a question?  What if we stopped and thought about it for a minute?  Is it a 5 mph type of question that saying yes really is a “no big deal”?

Can I get the hose out and play in the water?

Can I finger paint before dinner?

Can I use every single blanket in the house to make a fort?

I always try to remember that some of my own children’s favorite memories have happened at those times when I would’ve normally said no but decided to say yes.

Summer is quickly approaching and my own children and I are beginning to think about things we want to do.  Middle one asked just the other day if we could make a goal to try out every single flavor of slush at Sonic as a summer goal.  My first inclination?  NO!  But, if we hit it during happy hours and attempt it over 3 months… hmmm… yes!  Let’s do it!

2 thoughts on “Yes Day!

  1. We have this book and did Yes Day about a month ago with Rowan! Huge hit!! And he didn’t ask for the crazy things I would’ve thought he did, just little things that made the day special!

    Brianne Cunningham
    Arbor Creek 4th Grade

  2. As much as I want you to have the summer off, I kind of hope you continue to post great ideas like this over the summer. They are such good reminders with the kiddos’ perspective in mind.

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