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We are all perfectly imperfect

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I recently had a conversation with a mom about her child who had experienced a particularly tough day.  As we continued to talk, I could hear the frustration in her voice as she talked about her child.  This wasn’t the first tough day she’d had.  And, I knew exactly how she felt.  I knew because I have a child myself who I love with every bit of my soul but who challenges me in every possible way.  And I know every bit of that frustration of knowing how beautiful and wonderful my child is and not understanding why she can’t show that all the time to everyone.  And, I’ve been the mom who, at times, has questioned my parenting, “Did I cause her to be this way?”  But I take so much comfort in knowing that the Bible says:

God has created each of us, each of His children exactly as He planned them to be.  They are perfectly imperfect in His eyes.  And He loves them all the same.

And that "Good and Perfect Gift" is none other than King Jesus Christ who came down to earth from heaven to die for our sins, so that God would bless us with eternal life, instead of condemning us to destruction on Judgment Day"( John 3:16-17, Matthew 25:31-46, 2 Timothy 4:1)

I think that’s part of the reason that we (the staff here at Aldersgate) love working with children so much: we see glimpses of God in each and every one of them… from the child who knows all of her ABC’s but doesn’t understand how to share toys to the one who loves being around people but cannot sit still for small group… they are all His work of art.  And, we work hard to prepare them in the best way that we can for the world.

So, with my own daughter who is very strong-willed and tests me to my limits:  I parent her in the best way that I possibly can, teaching and modeling to her how to respect others, to accept when things don’t always go her way, and then embracing the idea that one day she’ll grow to be a strong young lady that is very willing and able to advocate for herself.

Because, we need to love each child for the way that God made them, do our best to teach them about the ways of the world, and embrace them for who they are.

Have you seen this?  I love how this mama takes her child’s limitations and empowers him to be the best at what he loves.





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  1. Love this post. Thank you!

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