Aldersgate Preschool

A Science Lesson on Wind

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We recently had a science lesson in our 3 year old classes. We talked about wind!What is wind? That’s a tough thing to explain. We blew into our hands. We can’t seen wind but can we feel it? Yes! We looked at pictures of wind… waves, a tree blowing, a windmill. Wind is air that blows.


Then we looked at some different items. A balloon, cupcake wrapper, scarf, napkin, cotton ball, pom pom, wadded up newspaper, and a rock. What things will move with wind? Each child picked an item and made a prediction.

The cupcake wrapper moved with the wind (fan)!


The feather moved with the wind!


But, the rock? It didn’t move with the wind! I asked why. And, I had several children tell me because the rock is strong! Hmmmm… we talked about the words light and heavy. For most of the children, this was a new concept for them to understand but something you could talk about at home.


The lighter items moved with the wind but the heavier ones didn’t as much. The rock didn’t at all!

Science doesn’t have to be complicated to be fun and beneficial!  You could easily do this at home or even outside!  Watch how things move in the wind, make predictions,  and then observe what happens!


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