Aldersgate Preschool

Baking and Building Self Esteem

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I used to teach sewing lessons to a couple of my daughter’s teachers.  It was always fun to watch them as they completed and admired their finished product.  One day, one of them said, “I don’t know what it is but every time I do this, I feel so happy!”  We all kind of laughed but it was so true… there’s such a great sense of accomplishment when you create something!


The same is true for our preschoolers.  When they are given the opportunity to create, they are building their self esteem!  We could easily say, “they’re just going to make a mess” and, while this may be true, the benefits out-weigh the mess.


This week, the Yellow and Orange classes baked muffins.  They each took turns helping in the process.  Think of all the concepts covered.  They learned about reading a recipe, they practiced math as they helped make measurements, used eye/hand coordination in pouring the ingredients in the bowl, exercised their muscles as they stirred the batter, practiced taking turns, and finally, felt the sense of accomplishment as they enjoyed the final product in eating the muffins!


And, when you bake at home together, it builds that bond with your child!  What a special time it is for you and your child!  There’s no better feeling than being able to say, “Look what I did!”

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